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    Mike Cheeseman

    Does anyone know if we are playing threesomes or foursomes. I have been looking all over the website and can’t seem to find it. The threesomes in single carts last was great.

    Bill Majercin

    It was nice last year. Seemed to speed up play also

    Danny Fox

    Yes, last years rounds were a lot faster, but it believe it had a lot to do with Tee Times and not a shotgun start. I think I seen they are leaning toward Tee Times again this year.

    Raymond Abernathy

    According to the website:

    How will the carts be utilized at the golf course?

    Participants in the event will be assigned two to a cart for each round of the event. Players are encouraged to wear a face covering when unable to social distance, and players are allowed to walk their round if they choose to.*

    *Walking can be challenging at certain area golf courses, and push/pull carts are not provided.


    Hello everyone – we will be in foursomes, tee times, in shared carts.

    Danny Fox

    Thanks Scott, glad to see the Tee Times is being done again. Any ideal on what the start times may be?

    Chuck O’Sullivan

    Tournament Week
    August 30th – September 2nd
    Tournament Rounds 1 – 4

    50+ Host Courses throughout the Golf Capital of the World

    7:45 – 9:51 AM daily tee times*
    3 of the 50+ host courses tee times are 7:00 – 11:03 AM

    6:00 – 9:00 PM nightly 19th Hole • Myrtle Beach Convention Center

    Tom Jorjorian

    Maybe I’m in the minority but I definitely do not like tee times for this tournament. If you have a late tee time, it’s a quick turnaround to clean up and get to the convention center. If you have an early tee time, you have to leave the convention center very early to get to bed. Worse case scenario is an early time the day after a late time. They got away with it last year because of the CC not being open.

    And I’m sure the golf courses are not happy with it either. Using tee times will limit the number of available tee times for the public after tournament play. Especially on the 3 courses that single tee.

    Last year I teed off early every round and was exhausted by week’s end. Meanwhile, a friend teed off late every round.

    Chuck O’Sullivan

    Tee times = faster rounds, way less back ups and double up holes
    Tee times = less crowded areas for warming up and practice
    Tee times = MORE tee times for outside golf at the courses (shotguns shut the place down for 5+ hours minimum, double tee and single tee allow for golf to resume as a normal day would operate)
    Tee times = no mass chaos: shotguns are hectic for players and staff
    Tee times = awesome


    So what you are saying is:
    You don’t like the tee times because you choose to spend all of your time after each round at the convention center???

    Rick Kimbrell

    William, I am not speaking for Tom but I concur with Tom about tee times and while I don’t spend “ALL” of my time at the convention center, I do spend quite a bit of it there. This will be my 34th consecutive year and in those 34 years I have made lots of WA friends I only see this time of year.

    William Zeoli

    I know I am in the minority. I know many of you will think I’m whining. I know I’ve posted this before, but I need to get it out again. Although my group of twelve players, including 4 brand new guys will all be participating this year, the expenses is really hurting. Since we are flying out of Boston (airfares between $400-$500) we need rental cars. In the past, I’ve made spreadsheets up so that we can share vehicles to make the shotgun starts even if not in the same flights. Example, three guys go north, playing three different courses but only needing one car. Even with some guys dropping shots to get in paired flights, the best I can come up with is likely 7 cars at least, and that is using Uber/Lyft as well. Car rentals companies have increase by about 50% from 2019 due to selling off fleets because of pandemic. I just rented two Camrys at $826 EACH for the week. A few others have rented dinky economy cars at $600 per week. I’m guessing about $5000 for our group plus Uber/Lyft costs of maybe $1000 for close by courses. Shotgun start cost for transportation in 2019? About $2500. Tee time costs for transportation in 2021 ? About $6000. Ouch. Anyone have any better, cheaper suggestions ?

    Mike Cheeseman

    If you are a member of Costco go to Costcotravel the cars are a bit cheaper with free 2nd driver.

    Mike Cheeseman

    I just checked and the cars run around $350-$400. Depends what you want.

    Denny Burch

    I prefer a shotgun start also. I don’t have the problem William Z has with ride logistics, but he makes a valid and sobering point. And yes, rental prices are way up over last year.

    My biggest issue is the early starts. Last year I was in Tom J’s flight and the second day I had a 8:07 tee time at Farmstead. Like him I was an early start every day. I went out to the range at 7:15 and it was like hitting at dusk – not fun for old eyes. It was very cloudy that morning and that was a problem. If you don’t want/need to hit balls then no problem, but otherwise just hope it’s not cloudy.

    I checked the sunrise schedule in MB for 8/31 this year and sunrise is at 6:48. I just hope I don’t get one of those 7:00 tee times at the courses where they don’t double tee.

    After 28 World AMs I like the idea of seeing everybody I know before we tee off. Additionally, the shotgun is far more convenient for skins players and those who run them. As for playing faster, I don’t see that. Last year we had threesomes, only 72 players on the course, and everyone had their own cart. So yeah, we played faster. This year we’ll have foursomes, about a hundred players per course, and doubled up carts. That’s what we had in the March QSchool tourney, and all my rounds were 5 hrs or more. I prefer to bring back the shotgun next year at 8:30 or 9:00!!

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