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    I typically travel alone for this tournament and therefore have no one in mind for the pairs competition. I’m wondering if someone out there is looking for a partner that plays decent golf. 🙂 I’m a decent player and I think it helps me not coming with a group but to each his own.

    William Morrison

    Nazeer, wish that I could be your partner, but I’m pretty sure that a 20 handicapper doesn’t qualify as a decent player.


    Well I guess it depends on how you fare with other 20 handicappers! 🙂 If you play to your handicap and do well in your flight, we have a chance. I’m game if you are. The hardest part about signing up for the pairs competition is the unknown of who they choose for you when you’re signing up as a single. It could be a first time player who has no idea how to handle competitive golf and play by ALL the rules. But I come every year just about and I play ok in my division. That’s all I ask from another partner, just play ok within your division. What do you think?

    William Morrison

    Nazeer, this will be my second time playing in this tournament. My first attempt, I finished in the middle of the pack in my flight. I’m hoping to play well, even though I’m coming off of rotator cuff surgery last December. Just trying to be honest with you.


    I’m up for it if you are. You can email me at nazdaqcom@gmail.com and we can go from there. Thanks!


    Partner found

    William Morrison

    I wish you and your partner good luck.


    Thank you William. Good luck to you as well and hope the shoulder is 100%!

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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