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    Rick Kimbrell

    Panther’s Run – not just in my years playing in the World Am but I think in my life….worst condition golf course I have ever played. I am not going to blame the condition of the course on my bad play there. I feel so sorry for those folks who own those beautiful homes on extremely nice wooded lots and had their course turn into something in dire need of a few hundred head of cattle or goats.
    I heard a comment this year that put it some what appropriately apparently for all of the Big Cats courses at Ocean Ridge Plantation…looks like the Big Cats has used up all of its 9 lives.
    Panther’s Run has more bare spots and weeds than most daily fee muni goat tracks I have played. Great layout but just flat horrible condition. Pretty much knew what I was in for when I walked to the putting green and the surrounding area of the putting green was about 80% weeds instead of Bermuda grass. And to make matters worse, with all the weeds they have everywhere, they are over watering the crap out of it. No rain but the course had lots of areas just saturated from over watering. No wonder it has grass dying everywhere.

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