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    Lephanomics 101

    I intend to carry 15 clubs in my bag for next 24 months and being such an honest rules nazi I will call a 6 stroke penalty upon my self every round after 3 holes and declare on of the clubs in my bag out of play. If I continue this habit until I decide to return to the MBWAM all I have to do is to reduce my club count back to 14 prior to tournament play thus making me competative

    Jay Seifert

    LOL – Interesting approach but you know that won’t work for 2018 as they take your lowest of the year prior. Good plan for 2019 though…LOL

    Bob Newman

    Harry, I do not have my decision book in front of me, but the last I checked, it is 4 strokes maximum on having an extra club. LOL– but then you could hit practice shots for another couple shots or intentionally move a ball in play, not replace it, play the shot and thusly “play from a wrong place” ( this would result in a 2 shot penalty, 1 for moving a ball in play, 2 for playing from a wrong place =general penalty , 1+2= 2. just a suggestion.


    Thanks Bob, thats good advice and will take that into consideration next time I play when ever that will be.

    No I am now 10,000% sure I will not be coming to the WAM next year. My next competition round will be the Mesquite AM in May and seriously thinking of not even playing all of the 12 State Senior events I had planned on. Get my Hcp up to about 11 by the new year and then cruise on through for the next 18 months playing the basic minimum of 20 rounds so I can return to the WAM competative in 2019.

    I have my self a really good women here now and golf is the least of my concerns. A lot of people have bet that I rejoin my country club next year and play competition as normal but all I have to say is show me the colour of your money. Any more takers want a serious bet about how much golf I play next year. I have seen the light and there are more important things in life which I will be devoting most of my time to.

    Best of luck to all in the upcoming Myrtle Beach Competitions

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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