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    jeffrey nardone

    Just wondering with the price increase do we get free parking at the convention center.

    Lee Hooper

    In the FAQ section under Transportation/Parking it states that the price is $ 5.00, per night.

    david tiano

    That fee is a Myrtle Beach City fee and the WA group has nothing to do with it.
    It was a way for the city to collect more taxes without raising them for residents. There thought is that visitors will be paying this. In our case yes they are right.

    william shaw

    Obviously the price increase hasn’t worked….Attendance is down 400 = $220,000 @ $550…..$50 increase for 3,000 signed up equals $150,000 ….Unless the less food and drinks at the 19th hole will equal $70,000….Times are a little hard for golf, in general….Many, many courses in Myrtle and throughout the country have closed in the last year and very few opening…# of golfers are definitely shrinking..Just saying….

    Bill Majercin

    Maybe spend a little more on advertising. Put couple ads in Golf Magazines. Don’t think I’ve ever heard or seen anything about World Am since 4-yrs ago when I seen ad on it, I think the Golf Channel. It’s what made me sign up. Once I played it first time, I was hooked, met so many players I look forward to talking golf, family with.
    Haven’t thought about cost ratio of advertising, but would think Myrtle Beach and nearby Chamber of Commerce would be interested in assisting…

    Bob Whittington

    I kept track of entries last year and as of 7/23/15
    there were 3152 people signed up. Down 207 people from
    last year at this point.

    jim mcdaniel

    I don’t want to put words in Scott’s mouth. But in another tread he said they were anticipating around 3100 this year. I would think that that was based on the economy and other factors. If that was their target number, they are on track.


    Jim – That’s correct. We’re on track for our forecast of 3,100.

    David Baker

    Can you really expect them to say anything else? At one time they had over 5000 entrants. Maybe if it was run by the current company they might still be over 4000 plus. They do a better job and at least attempting to protect the field from sandbaggers. I don’t always agree with their decisions or their explanations, some are just plane ridiculous and nonsensical. However their job is difficult and I do appreciate there efforts.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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