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    Mike Sigmon

    I for one think it’s time that for the price we are paying to play in the W/AM and the Prizes being given in each flight needs a facelift you win your flight and you can’t even get a new driver unless you come off the hip with more cash. Most every course that has a tournament now is giving 750 or more when you win your flight

    Glenn Foster

    I like the revamp idea!! Maybe pay top 10, and increase top 5 payout as well. We have to use it at the sponsors’ store/site so they are still recouping 50%+ from the purchase of goods with the card value.
    Maybe giving something else away besides gift cards there as well. Entertainment venues and Restaurants should be getting in on some gifts to give families here to try new places.
    Dupont use to give away a Toyota car/truck to a winner in a drawing. Everyone that paid the entry fee, got a chance. (I know that company was humongous sponsor…) Why not try a local dealer for some community love? This tournament is way to big to not let other sponsors feel included for the weekend before it , and after. Is their some proprietary thing where PGA Superstore can be the only one?
    Revamping the the prize scale is way overdue, like I said, you can’t spend it anywhere else, and the actual “prize money”, with PGA Superstore making back more than they award. A top ten finish should still be rewarded from 6th-10th. It is a good enough finish for something, especially since they have probably played to their truer handicap anyway.

    John Decatur

    I believe amateurs can win up to $750.00 before they would have to relinquish amateur status. I like the idea of increasing the top prize to $750.00 and increasing payment to top 10. The only problem is you have certain individuals who have found ways to beat the system and win their flight many times. I was curious if you are DQ’d on Friday do you lose the $600.00 and trophy you won for winning your flight?

    Ricky Herman

    He should of been DQ on Thursday because he took a spot from the guy who should be in first.

    Mike Cheeseman

    I totally agree with you Ricky. He shouldn’t be allowed to enter any tournaments with his BS index. And we all know who we are talking about.

    Glenn Foster

    M & R, not everyone knows who you’re talking about so…I’m guessing overall winner or a flight winner?

    Keith Stephens

    Great question, John. Since the rules clearly state that if you are DQ’d you are ineligible for prizes, I would assume (and hope) that he would not collect his gift card or Flight Winner’s plaque.

    Mark Hancock

    You guys are spot on. The player DQ’d in the finals was a 10 handicapper and shot a 74. He’s won his flight multiple times, so the fix is obviously on. Congratulations to the WA staff for making the correct decision. I hope that the 2nd place player(s) in that guy’s flight got moved up to 1st place and will receive the 1st place money. It is unfortunate that they didn’t get to play in the finals.

    Lindy Sullivan

    He should never be allowed to play event again, and revoke his sham of a 2020 win as well.. dude is a loser

    John Mudrock

    Has anyone even noticed that Mr. Harry (the hack) Radley has not even responded on the BB about his improprieties and inflated handicap due to his supposed health issues? I also agree with the assesment of most of the responses about not letting him enter any longer. As has been stated he got away with it in 2020 when won. Let’s make sure it doesn’t happen again.

    Tom McCain

    A 30 that shoots a low net 2 of 5 rounds gets my attention. How often should that happen?

    Raymond Abernathy

    How about a new trophy for the World Am?The Perpetual Harry Radley trophy, “The Golden Sandbag”.

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