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    1. Will there be a link to see an overall scoring for all flights who are competing at this years Q School

    2. Is there a link somewhere that you can find results from previous years

    3. Will there be gross or nett skins for individual flights


    Yes, no, net only.


    I have a travel companion who is new to golf and has never played in a tournament before He was a little concerned and was wondering is there a Max score allowed on any particular hole at the Q school is it triple bogie net or double par or similar Can you please clarify


    Max 9 gross is in effect at Q School.


    I have a couple of questions about the side skins event for Q School

    1. How much will the emtry fee be.

    2. If that is collected upon registration is that cash or can it be paid by card

    3. Does the skin pot cover eac individual flight or will it be taken over both flights on the same course for the same day


    $20/day for Mon/Tues only, net, cash only, covers the whole course.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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