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    Bill Majercin

    Been playing in World Am for 4yrs. Broke my wrist after World Am last year. Surgery, pins, plates & screws now In my left wrist. Been wearing Support Golf Glove to play with to ease pain, are these ok to play with or do I need to play with regular glove. Scars are visible on both sides of wrist. Also, yes been tough year, broke my little toe on left foot few weeks ago, are Golf Sandals ok to we Are? With all the injuries this year, still coming to play no matter the answers.


    Bill, I had an injured wrist for 3 years and wore a brace to stabilize the movement of my left thumb. If I did not have the brace I could not swing. I was lucky enough to get to the finals and the legality of it was questioned after 12 holes and the ruling came back that it was ok. I made sure that when I put it on at the 1st hole I didnt take it off until the 18th to ensure that there was no hint that I put it on to draw and took it off to slice. Some times it gets very hot and sweaty but I just had to live with it. I wore this brace in every tournament and practice round in myrtle beach and las vegas for 3 years and was never questioned again. Fortunately enough it took 3 years to heal and I dont wear it any more. Best of luck for your recovery. perhaps a note from your DR wouldnt hurt to keep in your bag just in case the topic comes up.

    Bill Majercin

    What is your ruling World Am or do you agree with Harry

    Bob Newman

    Bill–just asking for curiosity sake– is it a glove or a brace you wear?? Does the manufacture stat it is approved for play , does it meet the standards set in Appendix IV of rule book. I once played in a Carolinas golf Association with a gentleman that had a “band” attached to his glove that he used to help him grip the club as he had a hand injury of some sort and the CGA approved that. Be interesting to see what WA says.

    Rick Kimbrell

    I did a Google search for “Support Golf Glove” and did not come up with a brand name that matched. What I do know about gloves with wrist support is this. The gloves that have the metal/plastic support for the back of the hand/wrist are illegal if the metal/plastic is not removable and if it is removable, must be removed for tournament play. Also, you cannot have a strap on the glove that you use to wrap around the grip of the club.
    Couple of gloves I know about…SKLZ Smart Glove – this glove has the wrist guide that can be removed. As long as the guide is removed for tournament play…the glove is legal.
    The Dynamics Swing Glove – it has a wrist guide made into the glove and it is not removable – even the manufacturer states it is not legal for tournament play.
    There may be others. I just could not find a brand that was Support Golf Glove.

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