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    Christine Remines

    Anybody else checking the 10 day forecast? Mine is showing chances of rain/thunderstorms everyday. If so, LOTS of dark colored clothing for the week and old golf shoes. And PATIENCE!!!!

    Dave Esqueda

    Some rain is usually expected during the WA. Just come prepared.

    Glenn Foster

    T-storms mostly in the forecast, mostly heat of the day stuff. Pretty typical down here every day.


    Just as long as we don’t get a day like last year where we’re shuttled on and off the course and then given a rain check. For those who live close enough, that’s OK. For those that don’t, there should’ve been a credit given to them for this year. The $600 entry is fine but not when you don’t get all 4 days in. Right now, it looks like Wednesday is the only day showing something that may matter. The rest looks fine and Thursday’s temps look really good.

    Glenn Foster

    Looks like the “golf gods” developed a tropical storm for us for mid-week rounds? Just saw extended forecast(s) and it could be an extremely wet Wednesday-Thursday! (I hope the prognosticators miss it and it goes a different track.)
    Take your waterproofs, plenty of golf gloves and some dry clothes ( and a towel) to change into after your round, especially if you have a long drive.
    I haven’t had many rained out rounds over the years, but 3-4 over 100+ rnds, but 1-2 should have! I played last day at Diamondback once, it rained all day (TS Edwardo?), and hurricane Dennis 1 yr cancelled all rounds on Monday in the early 2000’s.
    Keep your spirits up, and maybe we can get it in on Thursday?

    Lindy Sullivan

    Already cancelled Thursday… Rain will be gone by noon.. should’ve held off. Lol playing in the Wind and rain would have been great! It’s a tournament no lightning you gotta attempt.. it could still push off and be fine Thursday… tough call if you are only a few back in your flight

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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