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    Danny Hyde

    We have two different rainchecks in our family, and would like to consolidate!
    Would trade a raincheck for Myrtlewood for a raincheck for Caledonia; OR would trade a raincheck for Caledonia for a raincheck for Myrtlewood. Either way we would end up with 2 matching vouchers for ourselves.
    Any takers?

    Jeff Martin

    I don’t have either but I will give you $40 for the Caledonia and $20 for the Myrtlewood.

    Danny Hyde

    Well, Jeff, thanks for the offer, but no thanks.

    You see, we will be back to Myrtle Beach some time and we would rather utilize the full value of the rainchecks (Caledonia = $119, and Myrtlewood = $62 more or less).

    I’m just hoping that someone in flights 45,46,60 or 61 would have roughly the same idea and we could find a trade suitable for both.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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