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    Ron Peacock

    I haven’t played in a couple of years and can’t remember if “ready golf” is encouraged or not in the World Am. Being a raving type ‘A’ I’m a big proponent of it.

    Bill Majercin

    Agreed, ready golf should help little. Generally when we start the round our foursome goes over this rule. And must all agree. Saves time in the round.

    tommy seymour


    Dale Craig

    Agreed, ready golf should always be how we all play. We aren’t playing on the PGA for million dollar purses. Unfortunately too many amateurs think they are better than they really are and all those pre-shot routines rarely make them better. I’ve only played in 1 of the WA’s, but certainly know all about 5-6 hour rounds from all the other tournaments I play in and I don’t think we are ever going to get people to speed up play when they play in the WA. So a couple people playing ready golf when the rest aren’t only speeds up your wait til the next shot. At this point in life, I just embrace the game and know what to expect. I actually enjoy watching my opponents get bent out of shape and lose their own concentration over something they have no control over.

    Kelly Clements

    I watched a guy get on his knees to look at a 15 footer for a 12. That is just too much…

    Rick Kimbrell

    You will also hear about “continuous putting”. Has been mentioned by the pros for the past few years. If the greens are not real soft, and most Bermuda greens are not, standing on someone’s line does not hurt it unless you are dragging your feet or whatever. I usually tell people who want to putt out not to worry about my line…just putt it and be done. Same is not true if greens are Bentgrass.

    Mark Hancock

    This will be my 4th year at the World Am and every round that I have played in has included ready golf after a discussion on the first tee. I have found that the definition of ready golf is vastly different to many players. Ron: like you, I am a Type A, impatient (I’m wired) player and I have probably been an annoyance to some of my fellow competitors, but we have always had fun. The round is going to be 5+ hours no matter how fast each of us plays. The Tournament looks to have 96 players (forgetting W/Ds which always happen) on each course and that means there will be 6 B teams. It is just impossible to play a normal 4:00 hour round with that many foursomes and everyone derailed by one slow player and every train wreck. Good luck to all.

    Alex Grebel

    I love ready golf. If you’re ready to tee off and others are still getting whatever club ready, go ahead and tee off. Who cares? Same on the course – let three search while one plays. Then swap out. Out of turn doesn’t matter to me either if the farthest away isn’t close to ready. Let’s boogie!

    On the continuous putting, I play on soft greens quite a bit (especially this whole year as has been pretty wet) and have a hard time not worrying about someone’s line, even if he say’s don’t worry about it. So in that case I’ll still mark, otherwise it’s in the back of my head while I putt (not a good thing in a tournament). But I’m always ready to putt when it’s my turn (looking at my line during other’s turns).

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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