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    Cruz Oliveros

    Good afternoon players, this will be my first time in the event. My buddy and I are coming from California. I know there are allot of excellent courses there but wanted to see if anyone could post some practice round recommendations. We will be at the Sheraton (Host Hotel) so something within maybe 30 min drive.
    Also, what should we expect weather wise? Heat and humidity? Rain gear?

    Jason CORUM

    We put on skins games the two days before and the day after the WorldAm. We play the best courses in Myrtle and this is our 12th year. It’s a great way to get in some practice and meet some other worldameers. We have a group of around 20 from California that play every year. We play
    Caledonia Saturday at 2 and Barefoot love Sunday at 8am our website is http://www.worldamskins.com

    Get ready for heat and humidity. Bring your rain gear as well. Best tip I can give you is bring rain gloves. They will help you tremendously if you have to play in the wet.

    Jason CORUM

    Another tip for you. If you like the beach or want to stay on a golf course you can go on vrbo.com and find a condo for around same price as hotel rooms. It’s allot more comfortable for two guys in a two bedroom condo than it is in a hotel room.

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    Bob Newman

    I would wait until you see what courses you will be playing and try to line up practice rounds on those–you usually know your courses b4 arriving and will have ample time to make tee times. If you do not play the ball down now, you need to start as it does make a difference. Also get use to “mud” balls cause you will definitely have some. Also familiarize yourself with the rules or at least study “A Quick Guide to the Rules” starting on p 18 in the Rule Book. Practice playing “slow” as you will be looking a 5 hr rounds (and 6 hr rounds is the norm). Get use to putting everything out because if you are not use to making 12″ putts they look much longer when you have to get it in.–I do this and I missed an 8″ putt Saturday that cost me a $10 closest to the hole. Bring al least 2 pr of golf shoes. and the list can go on and on — bring plenty of patience


    If you are in town a few days early Barry Anshell and myself run a neat little practice round at Brunswick Plantation on the Friday before. We play all 27 holess with you taking your best 6 nett scores for each 9 holes. We have about 24 players on a first come basis. Only a few already committed. Join us to meet some really cool guys.

    Cruz Oliveros

    Thanks everyone. Feeling the Southern hospitality and my fellow Californians. Coming up from the Bay Area where it is average 66 degrees year round. I guess we will see what the courses are then make a decision.
    My buddy likes skins and such, me not so much. I enjoy competition though.
    We are well versed in the rules of golf and battle tested. I have never been to this part of the U.S. so it is going to be pretty fun. Rain?? Haha we have been in 4 year drought over here so I am going to have to get some new gloves. Called down to Kiwah Island to see about playing but the Ocean and all their other courses are getting aerated in August and the lady wasn’t sure which courses would be open. Thanks again. Cruz-D-Crusher.

    Jason CORUM


    Just to let you know all we collect up front is entry fees. Greens fees, cart and closest to pin prizes.

    Skins are paid at course the day of the event. If you don’t want to play skins and your buddy does just don’t get in the skins. You can still meet new people, have some fun, get use to Myrtle beach golf and you could win a closest to pin.

    We only play the best courses in Myrtle. All of them are in the top 100 public courses in America.

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