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    Ken Delaney

    So for those of us who will absorb the entry fee increase, now we also have to deal with an even LOWER already low, daily prize. What the heck…

    I was lucky enough to win the CTP in 2014 and finish T5th last year. I have to honestly say the $25 they gave, didn’t get me much on the TM/Adidas website. Now it will be $20 at the superstore.

    Thoughts or comments??

    david tiano

    I would have to say again: This is a GOLF Tournament and if there are prizes that are won based on skill or the outcome of tournament play the player should be awarded “according”.

    The money spent on random prizes, drawing or early entry should be dropped and money should be increased for Tournament play prizes. The daily’s should be $50 minimum. Places 1st through 5th should also be changed. Also as I have mentioned in other treads there should be at least two players advance from each flight.

    My thoughts….

    Aaron Ellis

    Maybe with the $5 drop they will add it to the gift card that has been in the gift bag the previous years, that way everyone gets a little something extra! I mean I am all for closest to the pin as it takes some skill, or nearest the line, but Long Drive isn’t purely skill based, just because someone can hit a ball 300+ yards and win $25 doesn’t prove they can play golf worth a lick, if you want to win money in a long drive competition then go sign up for one! Would love to see longest drive replaced with longest putt or something that takes a bit more skill!

    Bob Whittington

    I can live with the prize money being lower. This year the gift cards are with the PGA Superstore and can be redeemed at all stores across the U.S. and online. I think they are better than the gift cards from TaylorMade which you could only use online and was limited on the brands you could buy. Win, Win.

    david tiano

    Are you nuts… WIN/WIN. Its $5.00 less. How is that a win. I agree that the PGA Superstore gives you more choices but in the world as we know it $20 doesn’t get you much. Can’t even buy a decent dozen balls.
    Stay focused on what this tread was about “Reduced Daily Prize Money”
    I understand that the committee needs to find more money or reduce expenses. This is the wrong area to find savings.

    Bob Newman

    Guys, this has been going on for about 4 to 5 years–the numbers were dropping fast for participants–the players that use this just for a social outing out number the golfers that want to compete for a prize that involves golf skills–they lit up the BB with have more of this and that and it did get the numbers back up–I am not trying to be critical but it is what it is and that is the way that I saw it happening—my main objective is trying to get the golf tournament back up and letting golf skills win more.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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