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    Mike Cheeseman

    Scott what restaurants are included if I choose the gift cards.


    $150 Friendly’s Gift Card
    $150 Greg Norman Australian Grille Gift Card
    $150 Big Mike’s Soul Food Gift Card
    $150 Bimini’s Oyster Bar Gift Card
    $150 Sam Snead’s Tavern Gift Card
    $150 Angelo’s Steak & Pasta Gift Card
    $150 Sticky Fingers Gift Card
    $150 Original Benjamin’s Gift Card
    $150 Carolina Roadhouse Gift Card

    Ken Weatherford

    What!!! No BoJangles gift card!!! I don’t recommend Big Mike’s. We ate there last year. Not good. Everything was bad. California Pizza? Texas Roadhouse? So, what if I won a free entry into the WAM? Do I get a gift card, too?

    Rick Kimbrell

    Are there any particular restrictions on the restaurant gift cards? Assuming they are good for the dates of the World Am…correct?


    It is each restaurants normal gift card. They are not specific to World Am.

    Aaron Ellis

    Guessing we get to choose what place we wanna done at? Also which model is they Taylormade Spider?


    Yes you must pick which restaurant and we’ll get that particular gift card for you. And the putter is a limited edition so you can’t find it online but this link shows a very similar visual representation (ours does not come with BlastMotion).

    Aaron Ellis

    Thanks for the reply Scott, probably won’t do the putter if it’s the L Neck style!

    Ed Guertin

    I wrote an email to ask if a $150 gift card to the PGA Superstore can be added seeing how they partner with them?

    Tommy Briggs

    Ed don’t count on it. You can get your $100. cash and spend it at PGA Superstore but you ain’t getting no $150. certificate from them. Restaurants have a lot more flexibility when it comes to pricing and cost of goods versus retail price. PGA Superstore does not have the profit margin to offer a 33% discount. Restaurants offer BOGO all the time and operate a profit margin that allows them to offer the 33% discount.

    When you see a sale at a golf retailer the first thing you see is, cannot be used on any Callaway, Titleist, Ping, Taylor Made etc products. SO IF you could get a $150.00 gift certificate and could not use it on any name brands what would you spend it on?

    Ed Guertin

    Tommy Briggs, you are correct. They responded and said no to the PGA Superstore.

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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