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    Scott Witman

    Does anyone have any suggestions for minimizing the wait (in line) at the airport on Saturday (prior to tourny) mid morning? Last year I waited about 1 hour, and missed by T-time, prior to ck-in time at the hotel. I’d be willing to pay a college kid or someone’s brother to get there a little bit ahead of me…to check out the wait time and maybe jump in line for me like 1/2 hr prior to my arrival. Thoughts? (Or maybe I should just UBER to the course and bump my car pkup time to something “late evening”)

    Mike Cheeseman

    Hey Scott how about making a later t-time. Lol

    Jesse Schmidt

    There will ALWAYS be a line for rental car pickups, plan accordingly. Several times I have allowed plenty of time before my tee time and still had to call the course while I was waiting in line. I’ve never had a problem with the course being able to push us back a little.

    Todd DuBois

    AVIS PREFERRED has an awesome deal you pay in advance and by pass the line when I land they have an app that tells you what spot your car is in and you just go right to it.


    The problem is it still took you 3 hours to find it. You are colour blind and they said just go ahead take the gray one

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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