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    Donald Robillard

    Michael that is great and I am glad it has worked out for you and all the others who received a great rate. I probably spent the better part of a half hour constantly pressing the reserve rate again and again with the same result. I tried switching different model cars and even adding small inexpensive add-ons to switch it up a bit. Unfortunately I kept getting the false circle of hope and kept getting the same message over and over ” RATE QUALIFIER CHANGED-MUST REACCESS RATE.” I am just curious how much an uber/lyft would cost each day to and from the various golf courses. It’s has to be a helluva lot cheaper than paying highway robbery rental car rates. I will keep trying, but thus far it’s been an episode of Ground Hog Day- over and over.

    Michael Kestel

    Donald Uber/Lyft may get expensive depending on where you are staying and what courses you end up playing. I plugged in most of the courses on google maps to see where the best area to get a hotel would be. If you are staying in the southern part of Myrtle Beach some of the courses end up being over 2 hours away. Just a heads up. But I was getting just as frustrated as you are with Hertz. I have been trying to book a car for about 4 or 5 days getting that same message. Yesterday I finally said I am not leaving the site until it works. I got to the error message on my work computer and every time I had a min through out the day I hit the reserve button again. I would recommend you keep trying. Because the rates with the discount code are tremendous and well worth the effort.

    Donald Robillard

    Michael well I finally gave up and inquired what rate I could obtain thru USAA and to my pleasant surprise I obtained the same low rate or close $320.00 out the door for a large sedan from Hertz. So I wish I would have tried using my USAA discount earlier-would have saved quite a bit of time and anguish. But hey all ended well!

    Terry Cornelius

    I also had issues with Hertz showing me a great rate, then not giving me a final submit button, but showing an error code that rate had to be confirmed or some such thing. Like others, I also called the hertz counter and emailed World Am. After a session of continued trying over 10 minutes, I was finally allowed to book a 7 passenger SUV for under $650 for a whole week!

    Kevin Wilson

    It worked for me this morning at 3:30 AM. Insomnia has some advantages. They might only open up so many discounts in a day. Good luck to those trying.

    Jeffrey Topp

    Worked for me too. Had to keep hitting the submit button until it went through.

    Frank Balsamo

    It worked for me Thank you!

Viewing 7 posts - 16 through 22 (of 22 total)
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