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    Hello all – from now on please utilize this singular topic for ride share assistance. This will help clean up the bulletin board from multiple similar topics.

    If you post on a new topic, we will delete it and post it here on your behalf.


    carl verrette

    I have a rookie coming to WA this yr first time and I’m nervous getting him ride to his courses. We r in different flights
    He’s coming in as an approx 16.3 index
    If any one is close to that and hav ability ti drive to golf let me know. We are staying at Marriott grande dunes on the beach

    gerald housley

    flight 50 or 51
    Staying at Barefoot North towers
    may need a ride to Long Bay, Oyster Bay, Litchfield CC, Prestwick
    so wife can keep car a day or 2. Will be happy to swap days.

    george orlowitz

    Staying at Sheraton Convention Center and will have my own car. In Just for Fun Division and playing Wild Wing, Lion’s Paw, Barefoot and International. If anyone needs ride to courses just let me know

    David Baker

    I am in Flight 36, River Club on Monday. I am on 70 Ave N, just up from the Cain Patch Driving Range off 17 Business. I am looking for someone who might be close who I can catch a ride with. I can get dropped off if reasonably close. Please call me on 757.580.6314 and ask for David Baker.

    Thank you.

    pandora carter

    I am in women’s 60 and older flight 66 Staying at the Sheraton Convention Center. I need a ride if anyone in flight 66 or 65 that is staying close by could give me a ride I will pay for the gas you can text me at 910-734-0037. Thanks

    Frank Balsamo

    I’m in flight 47 and staying at Camlot and have a car if someone needs a ride.

    Gary DeShazer

    I’m in flight 40 and need a return ride from World Tour Golf Links on Tuesday pm, and a ride to TPC on Wednesday am. My wife will have the car for those two days (in Clemson, SC). I’m staying at Compass Cove near the airport. Text 713-816-2874

    Robert McEuen

    I am in flight 43 and need a ride to Sandpiper Bay GC on Monday morning. I am staying at the Strand in Myrtle Beach. I am willing to pay for gas etc.

    Bob McEuen

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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