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    Tom that sounds fantastic. Right now you could give me a call later the evening currently playing a state match play championship and my phone will be turned off. I’m sure we can arrange something get ready for a great week hope to hear from you soon

    Josh Wurzberger

    I’m in flight 5 looking for a ride at least for Wednesday’s round to Long Bay. I’m up at Ocean Creek across from Barefoot. Hit me up if you can pick me up! Buy breakfast or some gas money!

    Josh Wurzberger


    Tom Doughan. Can you give me a call at your convenience please. 3176526063

    Josh Wurzberger

    Harry- Be careful. You can’t trust anyone from Gaylord, MN haha!

    Tom Doughan


    Just sent you a text also. I’ll give you a call today before I aim my car towards Myrtle Beach.

    Tom Doughan


    I wouldn’t trust anyone from Gaylord either. LOL Careful though.I may accidentally let it slip about the +3 index you carry in the Withrop league.

    Josh Wurzberger

    Still looking for a ride for 5-6 at least for Wednesday from Ocean Creek up by Barefoot. Any takers?


    Looking to split ride responsibilities to courses for 43 group. Staying at Hilton Ocean 22.

    John Bruce

    I’m in Flt 16 and staying at Ocean Creek near Bearfoot…could use a lift as my reservation was canceled and Enterprise can’t guarantee a rental


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    Jerry Hankins

    Flt 54 would like partner to alternate ride every other day Staying Palms 2406 N Ocean Blvd

    Paul Kim

    Hi Scott,

    Did you find a ride for your son? I won’t be able to help on Monday but might be able to help Tuesday – Thursday. I’ve rented a car from Turo so maybe we can split costs? I’m in flight 5 as well.


    pandora carter

    I need a ride 🚗 I am in flight 59 I will pay for the gas.I am staying at the Sheraton motel at the convention center, anyone in flight 58 or flight 59. My cell phone number is 910-734-0037

    Oscar Lavalley

    Hi all – There are 4 of us, 2 cars and 4 dif courses ea day. tuesday looking for a ride for flights 57 and 61, or flight 29. We are staying at River Oaks.


    Robin Cooper

    I’m playing for the second time since 2018. I will be coming with my husband who is in a different flight. I had trouble last time finding a ride to the courses since we sometimes played courses that were 60 miles apart and only had one car. Any suggestions on which hotel to stay at that will increase my chances of finding someone for ride share? Where do most or a lot of participants stay? I’m thinking I’ll have less trouble if I’m staying with more golfers. Also, I would like to stay on the beach if possible!

    Bruce Friend

    Robin, I will respond as no one else has and I have made arrangements with others in car shares. Unfortunately, there might be a difference with men attending versus women as there are a lot more men and not many women post on this board. Don’t mean to make a sexist comment but that is just a fact.

    Look to stay in Central MB and Breakers, Carribean and The Strand are all great options on the website in accomodations. Being in Central, it is easier for others to possibly pass your area 3 of the 4 days.
    After flights have been announced post on here your specifics need in hope other women are reading at that time. If you are on Facebook (I’m not), post on the WAM site as well. During your first round, be very friendly and we have been successful in finding rides with playing partners and I have given rides to others that are looking.

    Good luck

Viewing 15 posts - 16 through 30 (of 60 total)
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