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    carl verrette

    Hello all, I recruited a buddy to play this yr – we are driving down and will be in two very different flights. He is a low index of 16.6 and current index of 18.4. Is there any system to help him secure a ride to/from his courses each day? We drive from upstate ny and don’t to rent a car just for to/from golf since we are staying in a suite together I will take him to 19th hole each night. (We are staying at the Marriott Myrtle beach at grande dunes )


    Mr. Verrette,
    I am not aware of an official system other than waiting to see what flight he is in then asking for assistance on this forum..

    If we base it on last years flights and your buds Low Index of 16.6 would most likely fall into flight 9. With over 1K more players this year compared to last it is hard to guestimate how the flights will will be divided.

    You might want to consider alternating the use of the (1) vehicle from day to day depending on the distance to the course. Assuming that the farther you are from the course; the harder it might be to acquire a ride.

    Just a thought.

    Daniel Rousseau

    you will find some one no problem ,and probably most day your 2 course will be close enought for you to drive him to is course and then drive to yours enjoy,for my self not able to go again for the second year border still close have fun and see you next year

    Dennis Daley

    Carl, Don’t know if you aware but whichever one of you carry a higher handicap can play down in the lower handicap flight but have to use the lower handicap.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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