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    Bill Majercin

    Are any of you players in the 60-69 age group with high handicaps. ( I hope not)Been playing in WA for 6yrs. Never had problems like you have on a course. Our group decides what decision is correct when an unusual circumstance comes up. We all agree before we start. Helps speed up golf without any complaints. Makes it more pleasant to golf with guys like this. Beats the hell out of playing 6-hour or more rounds.
    Just my opinion.

    Tommy Briggs

    Bill I completely agree there are times when you make a decision because you think it is the right way to proceed. However there are rules, and if you are not sure how to proceed or have a question the rules allow for remedies. At the very least you have a responsibility to inform the committee of your actions.

    As I said earlier, when there is a question you have the option of playing a second ball and when the round is over you can get a ruling. You also have the option of proceeding how you feel is right and then explaining what you did after the round and asking for a ruling. Neither of these do not add five minutes to your round.

    I try not to be a pain about the rules, as I said 95% of the time, I inform someone when they have broken a rule and do not assess a penalty. Imagine this. You hit a ball into the rough, you play it out of the rough because you believe it is the right thing to do and hit it a few inches and the ball stays in the rough. You do your best to play the hole and score a double primarily because your ball landed in the rough. Now you lose the tournament by one stroke and find out a few days later the golfer who won the tournament by one stroke also hit his ball into the same rough. You also find out he applied an improper interpretation of the rules, and took free relief from the same rough you played out of. He does not notify the committee and he wins the tournament by one stroke.

    There are times you must apply the rules “to protect the field”, or at the very least inform the committee of actions taken on the course so they can make decisions that could affect the outcome of the tournament.


    We’re going with Bill M. on this one! Finally a guy that wants to play golf with common sense and still be within the rules. The rules are pretty easy if you let them speak for themselves. Add one arrogant idiot that thinks they are in a USGA sanctioned event into the foursome and now you have the 6+ hour round. Looks like we have to start a new “Come On, Man!” thread for Tommy Rulebook here. LOL Protect the field? When a guy hits the ball down the middle of the hole and doesn’t find his ball but finds an “abnormal ground condition” and he wants to send him back to the tee box to hit 3 off the tee? LOL Protect the field! LOL Hey Tommy, the committee isn’t always right either. Like adjusting handicaps during the event after one good round. “Come on, man!”

    Tommy Briggs

    I have tried to be nice about this but I have had enough. Anytime you enter a tournament that says the tournament is played under USGA rules, you play by USGA rules. If you don’t like the rules or don’t want to play by them then maybe tournament golf is not for you. By entering you agreed to play by the rules, all the rules. IS THAT TOO HARD FOR YOUR STUPID LITTLE MIND TO COMPREHEND.

    From the World Am website:
    Rules of Competition
    The Myrtle Beach World Amateur adheres to USGA rules of golf and USGA handicap requirements. Players are welcome to download the USGA “Rules of Golf App” to become familiar with all rules of tournament play.

    You know you are wrong and yet you deflect by calling me names, insulting me and changing the subject. Are you too simple minded to follow through with the original argument, or is your only course of action to continue to deflect instead of being man enough to admit you were wrong.

    Be a man and bring a grand with you to the 19th hole and lets see who is right. Thousand dollars is all it takes to prove you have ballz. I personally don’t think you have the ballz because you know you are wrong. Put your money where your loud moronic mouth is.

    Your stupidity is evident by the fact you think playing by the rules will drastically change the time it takes you to play. I have played hundreds of amateur tournaments on four different continents, I have played professionally and it does not take any more time to play by the rules than it does not to.

    What’s it going to be, $1,000.00 dollars to man up, if you have the ballz. Come on man, be a man, bring cash.


    Tell you what, Tommy, I have to mark our utilities when people dig. I’ll bring a white can of paint down and anytime I or someone in my foursome ends up in this circumstance I’ll circle it with the paint that way it will appease your retarded sense of the rules. And now they can play on! If your head wasn’t so far up there in your tush you might be able to enjoy golf. Better yet, the guys that play with you might enjoy playing. Probably enjoy it more without you than with you in the group.

    What part of rule 16 don’t you understand? When it says “free relief from temporary water” it’s free relief. But for you and whoever wants to penalize themselves unnecessarily take your stupid arse back to the tee box. And BTW, if you played professionally, what are you doing in a AMATEUR event? Come on, man!

    Tommy Briggs

    I don’t think you have the ballz because you are constantly changing your argument. You did not mention temporary water in your first 8 posts and relief from temporary water is not the argument we are debating.

    Like I said before I get no pleasure by proving you wrong, you know you are wrong and so does everyone else reading this. Maybe you are having another bad day but insulting me or calling me names does not change the fact you are wrong.

    First you said it was a lost ball in unmown grass that the course did not designate as ACC, the tournament committee did not announce any areas as ACC or include it in their rules sheet, and you said it was within your rights to declare it as ACC and take free relief, because you know it should have been mowed. This is the original argument you made, do you still stand behind this argument?

    Then after discussing this with some high school golf coach you changed your argument to relief because of the embedded ball rule, but only IF THE COMMITTEE declared as such, which you had previously said you did not need in order for you to declare an area as ACC, which that argument is also wrong on so many levels as I pointed out. This is the second argument you introduced, do you still stand behind this one?

    Now after both of those arguments have been disproven and you knew you were wrong all along you want to use temporary water. Yes Jeffrey if the area was full of temporary water you would get free relief BUT THAT WAS NOT YOUR ARGUMENT.

    Lets stick to your original argument;
    A. You said the course did not announce any areas as abnormal course conditions or declare a local rule declaring areas of the course as ACC created by extreme weather conditions.
    B. The tournament committee did not announce any or include any areas as ACC in their rule sheet
    C. You said a player hit his ball into thicker than normal rough and could not find his ball,
    D. You said you had the right to arbitrarily declare the area as ACC because you knew it should have been mown and granted free relief
    This is the argument I maintain you are completely wrong about. I also maintain you are completely wrong about the embedded rule as well. I prefer we stop introducing new arguments every time I disprove your arguments. Let’s stick to the original argument.

    By the way you apply to the USGA to reinstate your amateur status, pay a fee and based on several conditions they determine a period of time that must pass and if during that time you abide by all the amateur rules the USGA performs a final review and with a favorable ruling you’re amateur status is reinstated.

    Jeffrey you are wrong, you know you are wrong and you need to stop, you are embarrassing yourself. Bring a grand or drop it.


    “There is no gambling here at Bushwood and I never slice!” What part of the “we’ve been under water for the past 2 months” didn’t you understand? The courses here are that wet. I think that was made clear in my first couple of posts. They would need about 100 cans of white paint per course around here to mark the wet areas on every hole.

    Original argument? A. why would the course announce it? This was a group of old men playing in a 54 hole tournament in front of me that hit into this situation. Their tournament, not the courses. I hit my ball 100 yards past that area. I was giving them the rule, which is correct. If they would have had the tournament director come out and look at the area they would have ruled in favor of a free drop.

    BTW, I know the rule on reinstatement. Just throwing some more wood on your fire. In other words, you sucked as a pro. Or maybe you penalized yourself too much. LOL


    Your really are winded in your posts! No wonder you couldn’t hack it as a pro. You take any pills for that ?


    I looked at your World Am scores from 2014 and 2015. I don’t think I would go announcing that I was a pro when you shot 95 at the Legends Heathland course. But I did see you won your flight once at a pretty high handicap it looks like. Way to go… Pro.

    Tommy Briggs

    Jeffrey once again when you know you are wrong you start calling me names and insulting me. Neither action makes you right.

    You never mentioned temporary water until post #9. First you argued the rough was too long because they were not able to mow because of excessive rain, and you took free relief because you know the area should have been mown. Then you brought the embedded rule into the argument and finally you found a rule that was accurate. Congratulations, temporary water is the right answer, but it took you 8 posts to bring it into the argument, go back and read what you wrote and what I wrote, it is pretty clear.

    Regarding my professional career or my amateur career, let sit down and compare yours Q school scores to mine? How about your career earnings versus mine? Amateur results? Its easy for you to criticize me, when you have never played at the level I have. For what its worth three back surgeries and a torn meniscus don’t help your game much.

    david tiano

    For the sake of the Board why don’t you both just stop this mess.

    Tommy Briggs

    Done with my apologies for my behavior


    Thanks, Tommy, what your saying is that I was right after all? You can keep your $1000. Rule 16.1e

    Rick Kimbrell

    I have read thru this and laughed a lot. So, here is my take….
    We are going to have a lot of people play in the World Am who are going to encounter their ball landing in high grass on a course they have never played before and as we all know, it rains during the WA. So, some guys are going to want to take free relief from the rough because they remember reading this post. Now, the question is….are they entitled? What conditions have to be in place to give them free relief and what denies them free relief.
    So, for those of you who have bantered this back and forth…why don’t you clarify that in simplistic terms to keep everyone on the same page.

    Tommy Briggs

    Rick you cannot take free relief from thick or uncut rough. If you find your ball in thick or uncut rough you can play it as it lies or declare it unplayable (Rule 19.1) and proceed accordingly. After three minutes if you cannot find your ball after hitting it into thick or uncut rough it is considered lost (Rule 18.2).

    The only way you would receive free relief would be if there is temporary water. They have changed the rules for temporary water, so be cautious, an accumulation of water must remain present either before or after the stance is taken. If the area is wet, muddy or soft, that no longer meets the standard for temporary water.

    You always have the option to play a second ball (Rule 3.3) and advise the committee when you turn in your card and they can tell you how you proceed.

    I think I got it all, Bob Newman may add something I forgot to include.

    The USGA will mail you a free rule book if you request one from their web site, they also have an app and a complete listing on their web site.

Viewing 15 posts - 31 through 45 (of 52 total)
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