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    Bob Newman

    That sums it up Tommy, the only thing I would add I’d add would be getting the app on the phone which has the official guide which has the Interpretations. I’m afraid we will have a lot trying to take advantage of some of the easing of the the situation.


    Ain’t that the truth, Rick K. Remember Tropical Storm Ernesto? We got thru 9 holes and when we teed off on 10 the group in front of came past us and said the green was under 6 inches of water. We were at Eagle’s Nest. A good place for a new Walmart! And Why do they call that Happy Grass? I never have seen anyone happy when they have to hit out of it. Maybe the guy started smoking it? As far as your drop, well….I’m selling cans of white paint…….

    Rick Kimbrell

    The USGA Rules app is very handy. Had to show someone that you can get the “Full Rules” and also the “Interpretations” by changing your settings. I still carry the paperback Rules book in my bag as backup to the app.
    A lot of people who play in the WA really do not have more than a casual grasp of the rules. Yet others know them very well but will still try to get someone in their group to go along with them if they end up in a situation they don’t like and want relief. Seen it happen many times.


    My rule of thumb for asking for a ruling is this.

    1. You might not know the exact rule but have an idea of what the rule is and how it is worded

    2. Know the reason you are asking for relief

    3. If I am ever to ask my playing partners for relief I think to my self “This the final hole of a matchplay championship, the score is all even, so should I ask my opponent for relief would it be reasonable to assume that he would grant it.”

    If you dont think any one would grant relief in circumstance 3. then dont waste time, dont try and stretch the rules. Its just rub of the green, or in some cases its rub of the pencil at the 19th hole

    Bob Newman

    Is that the same as what I have always heard,”If you have to ask, it probably isn’t”

    Tommy Briggs

    I once heard someone say more people would be religous if they understood the bible. I say it is the parts most people understand that scare them.

    As both of you have said, most people know the rules better than they pretend when they are on the course, instead of praying for a better golf game they hope for rules ignorance to save them

    Bob Newman

    Tommy, that is probably truer than we may want to believe. Not having the then Local Rule about Accidental Rule in play last year cost me a penalty stoke. Now it is a Rule of Golf, just replace and play on. I called it on myself and one of the guys in group said that it was in effect but it was not on the sheet they handed out.

Viewing 7 posts - 46 through 52 (of 52 total)
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