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    Louie Phipps

    2 questions for Scott…1) I think you said something earlier about keeping an electronic scorecard instead of a paper card for our tournament rounds. If so, can you give us some details on how it will be done? 2) Will printed flight results be available at the course each morning or will we have an option to print results from the World Am app?


    Louie – we are unable to do 100% internet based cards. Just too much too quickly to accomplish. And in the spirit of limiting paper/contact points we will not be doing any printouts. The app will have hole by hole and the website will have all the scores as well. COVID helping us save trees!

    Bill Hambrick

    Scott are we going to exchange score cards this year I have always insisted that no one has their own scorecard in their possession.


    Bill – yes, that is a rule of the tournament and not something that needs to be insisted on!

    Scott Porter

    So I understand correctly. There will be paper scorecards handed out for recording scores but any updates as far as standings should be viewed on the app.

    Bob Newman

    Will all 3 of the group have to be present when turning in the cards???
    Seams to me by that this would be required.

    Mark Hancock

    Bob: That is not usually how it is done and I know that hasn’t been the case in past World Amateurs.

    The standard procedure is for the Player and Market to review the scorecard at the end of the round and confirm the score. The Marker signs the card and the Player turns in his own card to the Pro Shop. The Marker and the 3rd player do not have to be present.

    Bob Newman

    Mark I realize what has been done in the past, but you had the whole course coming in at the same time. With tee times you now have 3 or 6 coming in and will make it easier for the group to go thru the process that usually happens at most tournament events. The Pro can verify that their were no rules questions that were handled by the group to see if it was handled correctly. Also if someone played 2 balls on an issue, that can be handled properly, which I doubt has always been handled properly. I have never been a big fan of watching scorecards headed to the parking lot and later being turned in. It is easy to make a mistake on the scorecard and now with tee times,, I think it could be handled better than in the past.

    Mike Sigmon

    Hey Bob,
    Just to touch on what Mark said above…At the end of the round like he said you and the person keeping your score should go over your card to be sure it is right if so then the person keeping the score and you will sign your card and you then are responsible for it being turned into the pro shop or where they will be collecting them at…If there is a problem with a score on your card and it has to be changed I would have the person keeping your score and yourself go to where they are being turned in at and tell that person the problem or change that needs to be fixed…And both you and the person keeping the score should initial the changed area of the card…That way you will not have any problems later in the evening or the next day with a score card error…

    Bob Newman

    The point I am trying to make is that by the group going in together everything can be handled and all issues would be resolved. And no where do the rules state it must be initialed, just legible. Mistakes happen and are easier to handle person to person with all in the group. you would not believe what goes on in the scorers area at event with players that are more use to turning in scorecard and keeping others score. I have seen one of the top junior golfers in the world, come into the scorers area and had never put down a score on his part of his opponents card. It protects everyone if handled correctly.

    Ed Guertin

    Bob, Having the whole group report to turn the cards in may violate the social distancing guidelines of staying 6′ apart? Just thinking out loud here that if there are groups starting on 1 and 10 that would be 6 folks in the clubhouse at the same time, times 6′ = 36′?

    Jim Armour

    Ed, I think I’m playing with you one day. Please remind me to turn my card in. One year, I was playing Shaftsbury on day 3. When I got home, I still had my scorecard in my back pocket. Needless to say, I was history as far as the tournament was concerned, but not the skins. I showed up at Legends Heathland for day 4 and played just for the skins.

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