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    Mike Morgan

    I assume there was good response to the post tournament survey and I thought it would be real interesting to all of us how the different WA courses rated. Hope you can publish that for us.

    greg messer

    Yes please. Also, how do you pick rotations? couple of the higher handicap had 3 premium courses last year, mine had none. middle tier at best, with Hackler being in poor condition.


    @Mike – Won’t be publishing course surveys, I’m sorry.

    @Greg – You had the Dye Club last year. Willbrook Plantation as well. Two of my favorites. I don’t believe anyone got 3 “A’s” at least not from our staff selections perspective, as much as I’d want that to be the case for everyone.


    Greg Messer. Dont know how you can say Hackler was in poor condition. I played it round 2 and shot an even par 72. You played it 2 days later and shot 83 and we have similar handicaps. Perhaps you just didnt hit as many fairways as me. Dont know if you are aware or not but if your ball misses the fairway, it ends up on the section of the course defined as ROUGH. Its not called Smooth and perfect lie, its called ROUGH. Maybe that is where you can to the conclusion it was in poor condition. Definitely not saying that you fall into this category, but many golfers use the poor condition excuse to justify their poor play. …. Just saying.

    Jason Moore

    It’s a shame they don’t listen or read what players post about courses if they did Lion’s Paw would’ve been removed in 2020. I normally bring 12-16 guys down every year to the World Am from Maryland but nobody is returning in 2022 including the Low Gross Champ 49 & Under division. Lions Paw still being a course on the rotation is crazy. Gross Division had 1 A Course being Caledonia and if you teed off the front 9 vs back 9 you had different rules. Love the tournament and will miss it but they need to focus on quality over quantity

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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