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    Bruce Friend

    I notice the language in the FAQ’s about handicap services has changed and it doesn’t list out acceptable online services. Going through the links provided gets one to the USGA website and it looks like one has to sign up through a AGA membership. Is this true? We cannot use the same handicap service such as ushandicap.com for our index for WAM? Please advise. Thanks.


    Bruce. As of this year the new rule is that everyone has to be registered for a handicap with the association that is connected to the particular state in which they live, eg, GHIN or Blue Golf ect

    The only exception to the rule is those who have a current active handicap with other entities such as US Golf will be grandfathered in until the membership expires. I my self am in that situation and I have checked with the WAM and I am OK until the US Golf expires then must register with Blue Golf Indiana

    Bruce Friend

    Thanks Harry. This is disturbing. Has this been communicated and I missed it? People need to know.

    Since my UShandicap.com expires in June, I’m guessing I need to sign up and get an index started on a new service. That is going to lead to a higher index as I suck this time of the year and my low scores from late last year won’t be in my 20 lowest of a YTD lowest handicap. That is unintentional sandbagging.


    I read the same thing as you and contacted the WAM several months ago to check and that is what I was told. I am lucky enough to be grandfathered in until Oct 2024 and will need a Blue Golf Hcp for the 2025 season. I then double checked last week again before the Q school registration closed and was assured I was OK

    With your Hcp ending in June I assume you will have to get another handicap before August but regardless your numbers will transfer over as they are all interchangable and use the same WHS formula the only difference is that the membership fees goes to different entities

    I assume that each individual state are pissed that they are losing money to any one/who that offers an online system for hcp which all uses the same information of the WHS. IMO the USGA made this rule to simply look after their own.


    Bruce – what Harry said is accurate. If you have a USHandicap or another online service it’s good through whatever you paid for. If not through August then yes you need to make the change before World Am. We sent an email around 1/1/22 with this info, but assume not everyone got it / read it. I will clarify you need to TRANSFER your scores to GHIN, so you should not have any lapse in data so long as you provide your state association with your current GHIN number given to you by USHandicap.

    Harry there’s a rumor that the grandfathering will only be 1 year, but I cannot confirm.

    Bruce Friend

    Thanks Scott. I already have set up a GHIN and put my last 20 scores in before you even replied but I sure do appreciate you replying so maybe others will also understand the situation. I don’t recall the email but some of my friends do and they all said they were confused by it. Hopefully this won’t be a shock to many over the summer. I think the grandfather position is great and will cover many participants. Thanks again


    I probably didn’t word my last response well enough. When I say transfer to GHIN, I did not mean 1 by 1 post your last 20 scores. I mean give the NEW association your OLD GHIN # to take it over. The API will move all your data over. That way it retains all data and you just post it to a new platform. It sounds like you’ve already done the former but hoping to help others who may be confused.

    Mike Sigmon

    So let me get this straight I live in VA. and I am a member of a senior golf association 15 mins. away from my house in N.C. where I have to have a GHIN membership that’s linked to my us handicap membership I had to join the GHIN there in order to play in some of the events at this course as the pro inputs our scores for these events we have once or twice a month. So this will not be ok I have to also pay for yet another GHIN membership in VA. to ? What’s up with all this…


    Mike – so long as your GHIN at Bryan Park stays active that should be sufficient. Your USHandicap linked to it will de-activate upon your 1 year subscription coming to a close.


    I have 3 more years of a US handicap. Am I good for this year and do I have to have to renew a blue golf in 2023. Is the grandfather clause only good for one year or can I wait till it’s totally expired. ?????.


    to reiterate РHarry there’s a rumor that the grandfathering will only be 1 year, but I cannot confirm.

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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