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    Joe Kalil

    Scott, first off, thank you for making this year happen. Great job. I know in a previous post you said you would impress upon the courses to make sure the pool noodles were down far enough. You may want to call Barefoot and remind them. Played Norman today and the pool noodle was practically at the level of the top of the hole, every hole. Several putts rolled right over the noodle and out. It will cause issues come tournament time. Thanks

    charlie colman

    Pool noodles and inverted cups that some courses have will cause controversy. I have a feeling that the rule will be the ball must be holed out but having played 75 rounds this year I’ve seen the ball pop out many times and everyone in the foursome agreed that it wasn’t the ball would have been in the hole had it not been for the inverted cup or noodle.
    I agree with leaving the flagstick in at all times but there will be issues.

    Bob Newman

    per the Rules of Golf, “It must be at rest in the hole” or per the definition of holed–“When a ball is at rest in the hole after ah stroke and the entire ball is below the surface of the putting Green”.
    ** resting against the flag, some portion of ball must be below the surface. 13.2c

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    this message has been passed along in addition to it being previously shared with all host professionals. Thank for your sharing. Our local rule will be ‘at rest with any portion below the green surface in the hole’. I don’t have the wording in front of me. In simple words there is no ‘but it should have gone in so I’m counting it’

    Mike Cheeseman

    Saying that Scott can you confirm with the boast courses that the noodles are deep enough that there is no chance that it just rolls over the hole. There should be a set standard for the depths. It is very frustrating when the ball goes in the hole and you know it’s in only to pop out.

    Joe Kalil

    Bob, I understand from previous posts that you are a “rules expert” but what you posted above clearly does not account for the current conditions of pool noodles and inverted cups. Hence my point. Today’s round it would have been impossible for the ball to come at rest with the position of the pool noodles. Which is why I made the topic of the post for “Scott T”, the tournament director, so he could address it with the courses

    Rick Kimbrell

    There WILL be controversy this year…you can bet on it. But…never mind…no need rehashing it. We just have to play by the rules provided to us and play the course as we find it.


    This was communicated with the courses. Specifically to be deep enough to limit circumstances like you mentioned but high enough to not require touching the flags. There will be moments like you mention and we have been reiterating it. Fortunately it is the same for everyone at the end of the day.

    Bob Newman

    Joe, I was just attempting to point out that it had to be at rest, which I thought Scott had refereed to in a much earlier post. And I am not an expert, but I have studied the rules and worked a bunch of events on the Junior and College level. I played on a course the other day that actually used a PVC 2″ coupler that I thought better than the noodles, or cut pvc pipe. With the rounded edge, it almost “deadened” the ball, or so I thought.

    james mcdaniel

    I play fl state golf assoc tourneys and it doesn’t matter what you believe it should be but what it is. not in the cup, not holed, period. No arguing, no discussions. With it set in stone it becomes the old statement in the rules, “rub of the green”

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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