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    jeffrey nardone

    Scott was the E-Mail a typo saying the north store will be open saturday and the south store sunday.Or are both stores open both days.


    The email is not a typo. Registration will be held at the NORTH STORE ONLY ON SATURDAY and the BROADWAY STORE ONLY ON SUNDAY. That is also stated on the schedule of events and will be reiterated in the Handicap Verification form, on the Course Assignment email and webpages and we will send a few more dedicated emails regarding that change. Please plan accordingly. Thank you for verifying. Have a good one.

    Bob Newman

    If we sign up for one and have a problem come up can we go to the other????


    Yes Bob. You can register on whichever day you wish. We only ask to have a general idea, but if you need to change from what you choose on the form, that is fine.

    Joe Busch

    If I register at both places, can I play two balls on every hole and only have to record the lower score?

    jim mcdaniel

    Would that really do you any good. I would get too tired hitting the ball that many times and my score would soar….

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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