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    pat foreman

    Since they are starting a senior gross flight, I assume this will change the flight break downs. Since I assume most of the low (1-2) handicap seniors will be going into the gross flight, that the 1st senior flights handicap range will go up. For example if it was 0-3.6 last year that number could change to 0-4.6, this of course assuming the low handicaps will be moving into the gross flight. This also will effect all the flights going up. Which could throw a monkey wrench in for the guys running skins games who just assume they are in “X” flight. Is there any way to find out how many senior gross flight players there are. This also could me a non issue.


    I think the numbers will stay pretty much the same. Last year the Snr 50+ was flights 10 -11. This year im told it would be Gross – 11. BUT I am assuming its a senior gross so that means if there is a low hcp golfer in the 60+ or 70+ range they too may come down and join. It may only effect the first 2 flights with 10 players sliding either way. First year of it so will be interesting to see the break down

    Jay Seifert

    People trying to line up skins games NOW (as in RIGHT now) are, in fact, jumping the gun, trying to eat a half-baked cake, counting their chickens…etc

    The bottom line is that they should all STOP speculating and WAIT until the ACTUAL flights are announced. Rampant speculation is pointless. The fact that there is now scratch games doesn’t have much affect as those playing. Think about it, all the players were always scheduled to play in this event from the beginning so the 30th flight originally may have been the Seniors from 0.0-to-3.3 and guess what.. yep, flight #30 will still exist with the only difference being that those players won’t get any handicap no matter if they are the 0.0 or the 3.3 index guy. It simply changes the name of that particular flight not the total number of flights.

    Same thing for the balance of all the rest of the flights… no impact to the original flight (if the total flights before the scratch flight definition was 63, the total flights WITH the scratch flight included is still…. yep, 63)

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