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    With this being the first year of a Senior Gross Division it is still unsure how many will be in the flight and where we will be positioned.

    1. Will we be paired with the #1 Hcp flight for the 50-60 age group – OR
    1. Will we be paired on the same course as the Open Gross Division – OR
    3. Will we be paired else where

    If we are option #1 – No Problems as Ricky Herman will take care of the skins

    If we are not at a course where Ricky and Jeff will be, I will run the skins pot each day if no one else has a problem with that. Will just have to wait till Aug 18th to see what the course assignments will be


    As it stands today you will be paired with the #1 handicap flight of 50-59. I doubt that will change.

    Ricky Herman


    I will still be in the First Flight of the seniors. But might play gross. So still will do skins.

    Rick Herman

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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