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    Firstly I would like to thank The WAM Organizers for all the hard work they are doing making decisions in these trying times.

    That being said, with all the problems we are having world wide, unfortunately my father and grandson will not be able to get out of Australia and will not be attending this year along with another couple that had planned in sharing accommodation with us for the week.

    As a result of this I now am looking for four more people who like like to share the week with us in a 5 bedroom house inside Ocean Lakes. At the moment there will be my wife and myself, along with her girl friend so this invitation is open to couples and the ladies as well.

    The cost of the week will be $200 per person and we have the place from 3pm Saturday till the following Friday. At the moment there will be two single rooms and one shared room available.

    If any one is interested please contact me at 317 652 6063 or harry_s_radley@yahoo.com for more information. I will require a $100 deposit to confirm your intention with the first in getting the choice of a room to your self.

    The ages of the people in our party is (60 old wife and my self), (Female Friend 40s), (Possible Male 70s) We are open to all ages and diversities. We always enjoy our selves here and once we have a final number with Handicaps and Flights I normally arrange a competition amongst our selves and play for a trophy for our little group to add some interest to the week

    With there being no 19th hole this year we will be taking in a few of the Myrtle Beach Entertainment Shows so if possible we could get together one night for a group booking.

    Still a long way off and many things to be decided about the WAM but regardless we are coming to a great weeks vacation hoping I can fill these rooms soon.

    Contact me if interested, Please stay safe and healthy hoping to see all my friends and new ones in August

    Charles Gray

    Inquiring as to whether you have room still available? I am delaying a commitment to accommodations presently due to the fact that I am not certain that my buddies from the UK will still be coming over or not. Looking like they probably won’t make it because of current travel restrictions so I am possibly looking for accommodations once again. I am 60 as well by the time we hit the beach, and traveling alone. I am registered already so I am committed to making the Beach happen this year.


    Hey Charles. Two of the single rooms have been spoken for but I do have a shared room available. It is only $160 for the shared. You may even get that room by yourself if Lanyard cannot make it out of WA. If you need further information please contact me at the email or cell number above

    Charles Gray

    Trying to figure out now exactly where Ocean Lakes is. When I google it, there seem to be a number of properties that have that in their name. I typically stay in N Myrtle, not that I am opposed to another location centrally located. Without the convention center this year it is not as big of a concern.


    It’s the ocean lakes family campground just South of the Myrtle Beach strip very easy access. . It’s just down the road from prestwick golf club I think they actually own it as part of the property

    Charles Gray

    Wasn’t sure but that looked like it was the most likely location when I looked. Just looked again, wifi is limited as I am traveling zo I was unable to take a look at any photos of the rentals. Their Facebook page seems to be disabled.
    Thank you for your quick response. I am trying to make a decision sooner rather than later, I truly don’t see my english buddies making it this year, unfortunately for them.

    Charles Gray

    I will say that as of this moment I am about 90% onboard to join you. Love to have a bit more time to make a final decision to see if our International friends will be allowed entry.


    I still have a shared room available. Contact me if interested 317 652 6063 or Harry_s_radley@yahoo.com

    Ocean Lakes Camp Ground 5 bed room house – Saturday til Friday

    Charles Gray

    Just sent you an email Harry

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