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    Mike Cheeseman

    After getting back home and opening my shirt and pullover I realized it is to tight. I wear a XL in all my cloths and the arms on both are to short and they don’t fit right. If I new they were made in China I would have got a bigger size. Par 4 isn’t up tp par.


    Hey Mike give us a call tomorrow.

    Lee Hooper

    Scott, I now have 6 of the pullovers and they are nice but (and there’s always a BUT) FOR SOMEONE who hardly ever wears a pullover it would be great to get a full zipper wind breaker like the black one we got a few years ago. I wear that jacket more that all the others together. Just my thoughts that for so many returning players every year, it would be something a little different than the same type pullover in a different color.

    John Decatur

    Great suggestion Lee. I have so many pullovers I have never worn since I have played in 12 WA. I would take 2 golf shirts instead of another pullover as long as different colors.

    Lee Hooper

    A nice Clemson Orange or a Furman Paladin Purple or a CCU Chanticleer Teal would be a great color for a golf shirt for next year !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Rick Kimbrell

    Here’s a vote against anything that is full zip. 1/2 zip stuff is great for golf.

    Ed Guertin

    Lee, Yes, I wear my full zip all the time and love it!

    Just info for Scott and the purchasing committee, last year the SPF 50 hat was great! us “mature” golfers are dealing top of the head hair loss so any and all protection from skin cancer up there is important!

    Sadly this years hat was not a SPF 50 cap to protect us…

    Ron Zietak

    After reading Mikes note I tried mine on and found the same issue. Very nice pullover, but too tight for golf.

    Aaron Ellis

    Yeah the year before the Par 4 stuff ran very big, this year I go down a size and it’s way to snug, but my dad enjoyed getting a nice new polo and pullover!

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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