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    Dennis Daley

    Does anyone know of another tournament that is similar to the World Am? I played with someone a couple years ago that mention a tournament that is played in Phoenix.

    Ricky Herman

    There is one in Mesquite Nevada the end of May.
    Rick Herman

    Bernie Loehr

    Yes Mesquite especially if you like it hot!

    Bernie Loehr

    There is also one at the Sunriver Resort in Oregon

    Bill Majercin

    Bernie, do you have more information on the Oregon tournament???


    Think it is called the Pac Am and is playef in late Septembrr. 3 days then top 5 to final

    Bernie Loehr

    Bill when I played in it in 2018, it was in the fall. In 2020 it was scheduled for June. I am not sure if they moved it. I have not seen it yet this year. I checked Sunriver Resort and have not seen anything It was called the Pacific Amateur

    Jeffrey Topp


    I played this once. Same kind of deal, they play multiple courses, multiple flights, and have parties every evening. In fact, they claim they are trying to be the MBWA of the west. Coolest part was getting to play PGA West stadium and Nicklaus course the day before the tour gets there.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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