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    John Decatur

    How does someone with a 9.3 index shoot
    75 or better in a tournament? Where is the integrity WA handicap committee?

    Raymond Abernathy

    Your question just got answered. He was DQ’D.

    Bill Eslick

    This guy has cheated the system for years…I reported him a few years back when he won it all – apparently reported him to late…
    Daily he bragged about ‘shagging strokes’ so he would not be DQ’d…he bragged about only entering his bad golf scores while at the same time telling us about how good his golf game was…and remember his posts about his medical difficulties…
    He should be banned from this event or forced play in the gross flight for five years or so…

    Keith Stephens


    I have a “simple answer” to your “simple question.”


    Witnessed it FIRST HAND in 2020.

    Lindy Sullivan

    Sometimes winning is so important to people to feel good about themselves.. but in all reality, he’s a loser.. good job WA!

    Rough year overall and I got and get frustrated about how things went, but I love the people and tournament.. and already planning for next year!

    Troy Ash

    So how does a guy with a 31 handicap shot a 93 and a 98 over 4 days? I can buy one great round this week but to have 2 rounds both 4 under par in 4 days? I don’t know. And it’s on a new golf course twice. From what I understand you should be able to go under your handicap about once every 4-5 rounds. But 4 under twice? Just saying.

    Bob Newman

    if you have a true index, you will better that differential around 3 times per 20 rounds and the odds of shooting 3shoots under it are less than that. When you post a score on GHINN, it will show you your differential for the round at posting. The trouble starts at everyone’s HOME course for not having a Handicap Committee that truly does their jobs and lets people get away with not posting all their scores. The WA has done a great job of handling the sandbagging the last several years but it is what it is.

    Billy Burwick

    “So how does a guy with a 31 handicap shot a 93 and a 98 over 4 days?”

    Not for nothing the 31 shooting 93 and Not getting DQed is a joke!
    Must of had the rounds of his life in a tournament no less!!!

    Billy Burwick

    I would like to say that I think the WA staff do an amazing job at running the tournament.

    I would also add I am not a big fan of DQ’s I would rather see adjustment made. Either adjust their caps accordingly or move their flight.

    Last thing: On Wed we couldn’t finish our final hole a Par 3 due to flooding, Yet we had to take a 9 for sextuple bogey. If we had been finishing on a Par 5 taking 9 would be somewhat reasonable but on a Par 3 it seems a bit penal?

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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