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    Mike Sterner

    Question…..If you win a skin in a game that the person running the skins game DOES NOT take a cut… much do you tip????

    Dale Craig

    Here is my take on it as someone who has run the skin game for the last 4 WA’s. This year I had really solid participation and had no skins on day 1. On day 2 with a day 1 carryover the pot reached $2720. 2 guys split that pot for $1360 each. 1 guy tipped me $160. The other guy took the money and barely thanked me and gave me nothing. This was pretty much the way it went. Some tip generously, some throw you a 20 and some don’t tip at all. All in all most guys thanked me and I even got applause on the last day from everyone. That meant as much as a tip. I like doing the skins game because I think it makes the week even more fun. It is a lot of work on my part to set up the sheets for 4 days, count and keep track of all the money, arrive early and stay late every day.

    Rick Kimbrell

    I never take a cut and pay everything out. I have paid out some serious skins $$$$s over the years. Some will give you a tip. Some just take the cash a leave. Some will buy you a beer or a drink. I do it because I get to meet a lot of people. I appreciate those who show their thanks in whatever way the choose.


    Paid out over $7500 this week in flights 3 and 4. It was combined skins and their wasn’t a big advantage from flight 3 to 4. We had 3 skins pay out on day 1 for $500 a piece. 2 in flight 4 and me in 3. 4 skins worth $385 on day. 2 to 2 in the flights. Day 3 2 skins worth $760 with 1 and 1. Day 4 was 3 skins worth $1020+ with 2 players in 3 and the only EAGLE skin of the week was on #6 at Tidewater, a par 4 that he dropped in from 140 yards out. He was in flight 4. 12 skins paid out and 6 going to each flight. So if anyone felt they were at a disadvantage? I’m 50 and played in 3. There was another player I talked to that was 58. I’m sure we had more than the two of us that were over 49. Anybody know what that count was?

    Rick Kimbrell

    Jeffery, got a question for you. I was asked why I ran skins combined for the 2 flights that played daily instead of skins by flight. First of all, it is not worth it to me to have to try and keep the flight money separate and the payouts would be much smaller. The person who asked me actually thought the percentage of players who get into skins was much higher. Once I explained, he understood. Actual participation in skins in the 2 flights I ran this year was between 55% and 60% every day. So, a lot of guys just do not get in skins.
    I was wondering what your participation rate was this year.


    88.5% on day 4. 86.2% every day. 38 of 44 in 3 and 39 of 43 in 4. We had at least 75 players every day. Flight 3 & 4 has always been one big pot. That being said, why change it? I only had one guy complain and his theory was that more people win in 3 than 4 every year. False! We aren’t that much different in handicap and everyone there has a capability to make birdies and eagles. Although everyone of our par 5’s this year seemed it had a pin tucked behind a bunker on the short side so there probably weren’t that many good eagle chances. You were either going to have to chip it in on the par 5’s or make a long putt. No one did. The only other good chance for an eagle was #10 at Sea Trail Jones, a par 4 over water that was about 265 yards to the pin if you dared. Making eagle from 140 yards out….. MONEY! James Nelson picked a good day to do that on day 4. Great shot, man!


    Just a side note. I heard flight 1 and 2 had a separate skins pot. Why? It seems the scratch division was afraid that the handicap division would take their money. They wouldn’t let them play in their game. Don’t understand that one. Why wouldn’t you want more money in the pot?

    Rick Kimbrell

    Thanks Jeffrey. I have noticed as I have gotten older and moved up thru the Senior, Mid Senior, Super to death then changed to just Super Senior that participation seems to drop off significantly as we get older.
    I was even asked why aren’t the skins NET. Well, because we are all pretty damn close to the same handicap.

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