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    don rabb

    For those of you that are running skins games, I have a blank .xls form that I have used for years. You can just drop the names of the flight participants in the form and you are ready to start collecting. If anyone wants this form, please email me at donaldrabb@yahoo.com and I will send it to you. Practice up, two weeks from today!

    Ricky Herman

    I ran the skins last 6 years in
    The first two flights of the 50 to 59 seniors. I do 20/20/20 and 40 on thursday but on thursday I seperate the flights so you only complete against your flights. And it’s 100% pay back and I pay my 100 just like everyone else. I just like doing it for the golfers.
    Thanks for all that participate in skins, it for you guys. Plus it’s optional if you want to play.


    Hey Ricky, will you joining us at Brunswick on the Friday before

    Nate Van De Voorde

    Here’s my question-I’ve wondered for years what happens if no one wins on the last day-how do you get the entry $ back to the participants? What’s that best practice look like?


    My suggestion would be that if there is no winner on the last day, the prize pool should go to the person who has the most posts on the bulletin board

    Alex Grebel

    Nate, it varies based on who runs the pool. I think some do refunds. We haven’t had it happen, but we told people that it would be split among all the birdies or better. So if there were 40 birdies or better, it would get split 40 ways. Some people could get multiple shares that way. So if you have $1600 in the pool, each birdie would be worth $40. I have found that it really gives people extra motivation to report all of their birdies!


    All the years Ive been coming here, if all the skins are cut then the cash pool is split between all players having eagles. If there are no eagles then it is split will all players having a birdie on any par 3. Short of that you could always announce that there will be a random draw at the end of the day from all participants provided they are still in the club house for eg. $3000 pot draw 10 cards at $300 each

    dan westenbarger

    I have done the skins for a lot of years and have never not had at least 2 winners on the final day but I always announce if it happens we will have a random drawing of all players still in the clubhouse and draw 5 names.After all we want every body to have a chance to go home a winner.

Viewing 8 posts - 16 through 23 (of 23 total)
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