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    David Baker

    Here are the updated volunteers to run a skin game. Let everyone in your flight know you will run the game. Try to update at least once a day maybe twice. Let me hear from you.

    Fl 3-4 Jason Corom
    Fl 5-6 Ken Delany
    Fl 7-8 Mike Boston
    Fl 13-14 JT Foster
    Fl 17-18 Dale Craig
    Fl 19-20 Bob Whittington
    Fl 23-24 Tom McCain
    Fl 25-26 Robert Mills
    Fl 27-28 James Burnone
    Fl 29-30 Dan Westenbarger
    Fl 35-36 David Baker
    Fl 37-38 Andy Mealy
    Fl 39-40 Dave Esqueda
    Fl 41-42 Raymond Lemoine
    Fl 51-52 Larry Snider

    kevin ashe

    Flight 23. Kevin Ashe

    Ricky Herman


    Flights 9/10 senior Rick Herman and Jeff Stapleton.

    Rick Kimbrell

    Not that it concerns me BUT…if Larry Snider is signed up as James L Snider…he is in flight 53, not 51 or 52.
    Now, Larry Snider said he would run skins in Flight 51 and 52. Well, Monday Flight 51 plays Prestwick and Flight 52 is at Oyster Bay. Running skins in flights 51 and 52 would be kinda tough to pull off. So, he probably meant flights 52 and 53…maybe…maybe not…I don’t know and again does not impact me at all.

    Dennis Daley

    David, James replied to my post and stated that he didn’t volunteer to do the skins for Flight 27/28. He was just asking who was. You can put my name in place on your list for Flight 27/28 Thanks.

    Raymond Lemoine

    David, i hope you update this post for skin game volunteers as i found it very helpfull as most players knew who they were looking for on the first day of the tourney. I don’t know where i will be placed this year as my handicap is down a tad from last year. I ran flights 41 and 42 and hope to run the same flights this year, all the guys as usual were super. See you in August and hope you post this again prior to the tourney start date.

    Rick Kimbrell

    Since we are talking about Skins early again this year…
    I cannot impress upon any of you who are reading this who are new to the World Am…make sure your skins guy is actually a participant in the World Am. Find out what his “rules” are? Find out if he is taking a cut from the winnings? And, a new one from last year…if he tells you that you did not win a skin, you leave and find out the next day you did win a skin…is he going to hold money out of it instead of paying you all of it because you did not get the money the day before (even thought he said you did not win one).


    Rick, glad you mentioned the “rules” of the game? Biggest rule being, what will happen on the last day if all the holes are tied? It almost never happens…… until last year in my two flights. All I can say is that I was glad I didn’t run it, because there was no way in the world that I would have walked out of the clubhouse with that much money still in my hands. Dan Westenbarger said it best. “Send someone home a winner!” So I always had his idea when I ran it. Everyones name that was in the skins goes into the hat and you draw X amount of winners til the money is gone. Second chance! Keeps everyone there in the clubhouse and they benefit by food & drink and whatever else people buy. You could always go by the fewest amount of birdies or eagles on holes, but, this will involve a recount of all the cards people turn in. That’s a bother and too time consuming. And a lot of the players don’t bother turning in their cards if they know they have been cut. It’s best when all players in the game turn a scorecard for the group or every player in the game turns in their scoring strip with name and phone number on the back. Last day you can throw the strips into the hat and draw for winners if the unfortunate all tie happens. But have some sort of plan in place. Donating to your stripper girlfriend named Charity is not a good option.

    Rick Kimbrell

    You are correct Jeffery…you have to have a plan just in case that happens. Since people who did not have a birdie do not come in (wish they did), I decided a number of years ago to place all the names in a cap and have someone draw out 5 names on the last day. First name get 10%, second name get 15%, third name get 20%, 4th name gets 25% and last name drawn get 30%. Is that a fair way to do it…maybe maybe not. But it still is a plan and everyone in the game has a chance of winning. I have been very fortunate in getting email addresses from the WA Committee for people who left the course on Thursday to whom I owed money. Everyone of those folks have gotten their money.
    Even after all these years in the WA…to hear about someone doing something totally unethical towards the skins games just flat amazes me. I would never hold any money back from anyone who won a skin, nor will I skim money off the pot for running it.
    And, you are right Charity is not a good option…and not that cute either.

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    Dave Esqueda


    My name is Dave Esqueda, and ran skins for Flights 39 & 40. I hope to run the skins games for our flights again this year. I have a print-out of all of the players in our flights and check off those who get in. I also have a list of holes, and two blank lines. Not only do you know who wins a skin but if someone ties another person, I have his name listed as well. If I only have one person for that hole, winner!!! Being are around 14-16 handicap range, it is pretty remote that we would not have any winners for each day. If we do, I would add that $$ to the last day, and if still do not have a winner, I believe the fairest thing to do is draw names out of the hat for those who paid on the last day who are there. Any other suggestions????

    Raymond Lemoine

    Dave, I do the same thing. I’ve run games for my two flights(combined) for the last 11 years. I’ve never had a round without a winner. What i would have done in the past is anyone with a birdie tied would be eligible for a share of the pot, but again it has never happened. I’m planning on running a game for my two flights this year, seniors 60-70 in the 16-17 handicap range.

    David Baker

    As we move closer to the start I will be glad to coordinate the who’s on the skin game. It is of course dependent upon hearing from those that want to run the game or volunteer. I have been running the skin game for my flight since 1997 and only once did we have any issues with a participant. Only once did we not have a daily winner or winners. Yes, I have given money out at the Convention Center as well as the next day. If you win you win the skin. I have even mailed one to an individual. I like the $20-20-20-40 format as it builds bigger pots. Last year we started a Par 3 game, total score for the Par 3’s that went over really well. So with that being said, I look forward to renewing friendships and making new friends as I move up the age ladder.


    Jay Seifert

    As a reminder, someone running the skins game can NOT legally retain a “percent of the take” though some try to claim that is their “right” or compensation for running a skins game. To those that want to profit off the skins players, please just DON’T. Leave running the game to one of the guys who will run it in an altruistic fashion. If winners make a personal decision to tip the “game runner” then that is a different and completely acceptable behaviour.

    Dale McMath

    Jay, I could not agree more with what you just wrote.

    jt foster

    I’ve have run the skins game in whatever flight i’m in for 18 years and have never taken anything for the pot… just like running it !!!! It lets me meet everyone and I know it will be run like it’s should be run !!!!!

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