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    Anyone interested in a par 3 game in flight 3 & 4 this year? Combined gross total score on all par 3’s for each day wins or splits the pot. It’s a fun addition to a great week of skins games! $10/day.


    Ken Delaney, David Tiano and friends, what handicap are you guys all playing to this year? Who’s the low guy of the group that you guys have to use to stay together?

    Ken Delaney

    As mentioned previously, I requested to play w a buddy who is 8.0 for ride sharing purposes. Looking at the previous years breakdown, I’m guessing that it could get me in the top end of Flight 4. That being the case, then I am willing to run the skins pot for Flights 3 AND 4. I will have some help, and would welcome yours if I need it.

    If i end up in the bottom of Flight 5, more than likely I will see Tiano who is coming around 10.0. If that’s the case, then yes, you may get stuck running it. LOL

    It won’t be long now!!!

    Joe Neumeyer

    Jeff Barbas – I should be in Flight 3/4 this year…..I would do the Par 3 game.

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    dan westenbarger

    Hey Jeff I have been doing a par 3 game for the last few years as well but I run it for the hole week as a 4 day tournament and add all 4scorestogather and pay the 3 lowest total scores pay winner 50 percent 2nd 30 percent 3rd 20 percent.Seems to keep interest and fun to see where u stand every day.Just an idea for you and I get pretty good participation.Good luck to you ole buddy hope to run into you next week

    Dennis Daley

    I took care of the skins game the last couple years for the flight I was in and am willing to take care of the games for flight 27 and 28 this year.

    Henry Zeberkiewicz

    Dennis, If you need help again let me know

    John Dunagan


    That list at the top – 22 and 23 play together, not 24. If Tom McCain is in flight 24, he won’t be with us to run our game.



    Dan Westenbarger! Probably the best guy to ever run the games for our flight! Good to hear from you my fellow Buckeye. And Joe Neumeyer, also a Buckeye, you have a booth again this year? Would you want to help me run the par 3 contest if we do it?

    Tom McCain

    Flight #9 and flight #24. I will do separate or combined flights and usually do a daily buyin/payout as I don’t want to be in a situation of holding a lot of cash. 10-10-20-20 this year, I like to see guys participate. Bring me your scorecard after you turn in your WA card. Since I’ve been doing this for several years, many players know me.
    I like the par 3 contest idea, if others want to do that too.

    Let me know your thoughts.

    704-401-7255 talk/text

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    Steve Harsch


    I will run skins for 31 & 32
    Steve Harsch

    david tiano

    David Baker,
    Please email me. DAVID.TIANO@DERBYLANE.COM

    David Baker

    David, how are the numbers for the game going? Looking forward to returning, you run a very good game. Curtis and I will be there, but you already have our entry fee.


    david tiano

    Looking good we have 32 paid looking for 8 more. Should fill up very soon.

    David Baker

    Guys and gals, I will be glad to post info that is available for those who are willing to run a skin game in their flight. I will be more than happy to run it again this year as I have done sine 1997. One thing, I am playing in the tournament and staying in MB. If I am in the same flight as last year, then people will know who I am. I have been converted to the $100 on Monday, $20-$20-$20-$40, with the big payout on Thursday. Payouts will be at the course if you stick around, or the next morning. Everyone will get paid what they win, guaranteed. I look forward to seeing everyone, whether old friend or new, and just playing golf. It’s coming fast. See everyone in about 6 weeks.

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