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    Ken Delaney

    Hello to all the players in Flights 5 & 6!! Please find below some particulars for the skins game in our flights next week. I see a lot of familiar names on the flight assignments so you should know how this works. But for those who’ve graduated to the lower flights because of your “improved play” and for the “newbies” here we go:

    COST: Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday = $20 each day… Thursday = $40 – – Total for the week for those who don’t like to do math ($100) – I prefer you pay me in full Monday morning if possible. Look for me as I will be wearing the BRIGHT ORANGE shorts w white/blue pinstripe shirt.

    FORMAT: This game will be COMBINED for both flights (not separated). NATURAL (Gross) Birdies, Eagles, or anything better. We had a guy win a skin one year with an ACE!!! (immediately after taking a 10 on a par 5) – True Story

    VERIFICATION: I will only accept your “SIGNED OFFICIAL TOURNAMENT CARD” (absolutely no course cards, no exceptions). If I am not in the clubhouse before you, and you want to turn your card in, I will accept a picture taken with your smart phone. You still need to show me this BEFORE you leave. Worst case scenario, you need to leave right away to pick someone up and can’t wait around, please let me know that BEFORE we tee off and I will give you MY cellphone number so you can text it to me.

    PAYOUTS: ALL monies collected will be paid out daily. I.E. if we have 80 players Monday, there will be $1600 in the pot. ALL $1600 will be paid out that day, unless there are NO skins. If there are no skins, the $1600 will carry over to Tuesday. Tuesday’s collection will combine with Monday and all monies will be paid out accordingly, etc

    THURSDAY: If in the unlikely event of no skins on Thursday, my team and I will have to come up with a “fair way” to disperse the money. We should have an answer to this by the end of that week if it happens. In the event of a RAIN OUT, all monies will be refunded. You will need to see me for that BEFORE you leave the course Thursday.

    If there are any questions, or I left something out, please see me Monday morning and I will address the best I can. Safe travels to everyone and I’m looking forward to seeing you all.

    Josh Wurzberger

    Thanks for running skins. I appreciate it. Looks like we got some pretty decent courses. I hope the greens on Prestwick are as fast as they were a few years ago. I swear they rolled at a 13! love it.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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