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    Ken Delaney

    Although it’s a little early to start a thread like this, i figured since the board isn’t what it used to be, and quite dead for July, might as well.

    Last year I was in flight #6 and with the help of Dave Tiano and a few others, we ran the skins game for both flights 5 & 6. I will step up and announce that whichever pair of flights i fall into, we are offering to run this again. Since Dave and I are going to be in the same flight again this year, it will make the operation run as smooth as it did in 2015, if not smoother.

    My WA index will be around 8.7 for 2016. As you all know, there is no way of determining where that will fall but rest assure whichever courses we end up on, there will be a skins game. The cost this year will be the same as last: $20 a day for Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday and then $40 for Thursday. You can pay daily or in full for the week ($100) when we meet Monday morning.

    I don’t have the exact info with me (and i have no excuses either), but last years payout was roughly this:

    Like most we were rained out on Monday (Sea Trail).
    All money collected was carried over to Tuesday at Legends Parkland. We paid 5 skins around $550 each.

    Wednesday at Meadowlands I believe it was 4 skins ~$350 a piece

    Thursday at True Blue (with it being $40 to get in for the day), we had $2760 in the pot and two skins paid $1380 each (one of them was a birdie on #7 the 151yd par 3) – Go figure

    Anyway, after we get the course assignments and if no one objects to our offer, we will send out some more specific rules, etc. Only 7 weeks for me!!

    david tiano

    Also to note that Ken and I have been in the event since 1995 & 1996 and we feel like we know what it takes to run a good skins pot. “One Guy yelling” and “both collecting the money”. We have never had any issues with our accountability of money or players.
    Last year I think we had over 90% of the players in one or all pots. We had a great group last year.
    Hope to see you all.

    Ken Delaney

    I think what Dave meant to type was 2005 & 2006. 🙂 We have some years under our belt, but not that many…lol

    david tiano

    Thanks for the correction. Lol

    Ken Delaney

    Now that all our hcps have been submitted and we have an idea what we are playing to (after all the adjustments…lol), If history repeats itself then I should be close to landing in flight #6 again (WA index is 9.0, but requested to play with Dave Tiano who is at 8.7)

    As i mentioned before, Dave and I will be more than happy to run the skins games for BOTH flights that share our courses. We did this last year and it went very smooth.

    Once the flight assignments are posted, I will send another message out with all the rules, prices, etc. C’MON Monday!!! Or sooner like last year!!!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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