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    Ken Delaney

    Hello all,
    It’s about that time again to start talking skins. I know it’s early in terms of course assignments and where we will all fall, but it doesn’t hurt to get the conversation started. Like last year, Dave Tiano and I will volunteer to run the skins game on the courses we draw. Our indexes are hovering around 9.0-11.0 for this World Am. Depending on the turnout this year, we could be in Flights 5 & 6 again but may also wind up being 7 & 8. We will see…

    The fee will be $100 for the week. Broken down as follows:
    Monday $20
    Tuesday $20
    Wednesday $20
    Thursday $40

    You can pay daily or in full on Monday. Whatever works best for your pocket.

    Just for the newcomers, skins are qualified as birdies or better (sorry, no PARS!!). We even had an ACE last year!!!!

    Just as a review, last year in Flights 5 & 6 we paid the following:

    Monday – 6 skins paid $278 each
    Tuesday – 2 skins paid $850 each
    Wednesday – 5 skins paid $332 each
    Thursday – 3 skins paid $1080 each

    If everything carries over from one day to the next (No skins won on Monday, money carries to Tuesday), and you weren’t in on Monday, you will have to pay double ($40) in order to have a chance at the carried over pot. If there any questions feel free to leave them here or email me at teeitup914@gmail.com.

    21 days for me!!!

    Timothy Tullio

    Ken and Dave do a terrific job.

    Ken Delaney

    Thanks Tim!! Hope to see you this year!!

    Darrell Mattingly

    what age group are you in

    Ken Delaney

    Hey Darrell,
    Sorry I probably should have mentioned that huh??

    We are in the 49 and under age bracket. Even though not everyone is less than 50, this is the division we get together in.
    I’m not eligible to play in the 50+ division, but from what I’ve heard first hand, the younger gang knows how to have a little more fun!! 🙂

    Less than 16 days for me!!

    Roy Brown

    Ken & Dave- thanks for running the skins. As usual, I will make my donation for the cause. I would appreciate greatly if I happen to get a couple birdies again that the rest of the group be considerate enough to only cap ONE of them… thank you.

    Can’t wait to see everyone again- Ken, I think I still owe you a cold beverage. Missed the last two years so maybe it’s two now.

    david tiano


    Ken Delaney

    Hey Roy,
    Good to hear you’re coming back. Can’t wait to have those beers w/ ya!! 🙂 Are you playing the Fazio event? As for your birdies, maybe we can work out a deal… JK.. Yeah I know that feeling all too well.
    What index are you entering as?

    Btw, where the hell is Roy? Roy??


    Roy Brown

    Roy is trying to actually get some work done- 13 days till vacation starts and painfully difficult to stay focused. 9.3 is my low for the last 12 months. Don’t know how I let that happen just hope I can break 90 again!

    Ken Delaney

    Nice. Get er’ done!!

    Talk to you soon buddy!!

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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