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    Bob Whittington

    I will volunteer to do the skins game for flights 19/20.
    Cost will be 20/20/20/40, 100 for the week. You can pay
    daily or for the week on Monday. Natural birdies or better.
    I pay for my own entry and take no money off the top.
    Full pot for each day will be paid to winners.
    If no skin winners, pot will carry over to next day.
    You must have paid for both days to be in carry over pot.
    If no winner on Thursday (which I have never seen happen),
    we will have a drawing from people still at bar/clubhouse
    who were in Thursdays skins game.
    I will need to see your official WA scorecard (preferred)
    or scorecard with all 4 players scores and attested by them.
    Tips are not required, but are greatly appreciated.
    I recognize some names in the flights that were in flights
    20/21 from last years skins game I ran. Look forward to
    seeing everyone again. I will be the one without a megaphone
    yelling SKINS HERE!!

    Good Luck to all who enter.

    Bob Whittington

    Bob Whittington


    Bob Whittington
    Scott Porter

    I will see you on day one Bob.
    How do you throw out a hole, after 2 people have birdies or after 3. I only ask because of the matches I played in last year it was after 3. Not that it maters, just curious.

    Bob Whittington

    After 2 birdies or 2 eagles on same hole

    David Rollins

    Hey Bob, thanks for taking care of this. I have done it a couple of times and it can be fun but glad not to do it this year.

    On the two tie all tie rule, I think Scott may have been in one of my groups last year. The skins guy would split the skin for two on a hole and three on a hole would eliminate it from the pool. Either way is fine with me, see ya Monday.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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