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    Ken Delaney

    Just a little review of what the skins game for Flights 5 & 6 was like:

    We had approximately 101 people teeing off for both flights. I will list money collected, number of participants and the payouts each day.

    MONDAY – 87 people paid $20 each for a pool of $1740.
    Four skins paid $435 each

    Tuesday – 82 people paid $20 each for a pool of $1640.
    Four skins paid $410 each

    Wednesday – 85 people paid $20 each for a pool of $1700.
    ONE skin paid $1700!!!!!!

    Thursday – 85 people paid $40 each for a pool of $3320.
    Four skins paid $830 each.

    I realize that some have their gripes about how some guys run the skins games, whether they take $ off the top, etc, etc. The bottom line is we have to protect the field when it comes to verifying scores. We asked to see your signed “tournament” card (not a course card or the tab at the bottom). This ensures validity. Since the pros weren’t concerned with the skins games, we accepted a photo of the signed card. In terms of knowing what holes are still open, who cut who, there a host of reasons why we do what we do. Again, to protect the field. We took nothing off the top, but gladly accepted tips. Not required but GREATLY appreciated. We are some of the first ones there and definitely the last ones to leave (although beer also plays a hand in that…LOL)

    Thanks again to all those who played and a special thanks to those who were kind enough to tip. We look forward to next year!!

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