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    Kevin Jones

    Proxy for Jeff Barbas:
    I intend to find two self-encased clip boards and place them on the #1 and #10 tee box, with a rules and sign up sheet for the skins game. Everyone that signs up will have to provide their name and cell phone number on the sign-up sheet. If your in the game you’ll have to pay me by Tuesday morning. As always,it’s a combined flight, which means one big pot for the skins game. There will be a skins scorecard box, probably by where you would turn in your offical scorecard. GROSS Birdies or better on the skins scorecard. Leave a scorecard with your name on it even if you didn’t have anything, so we can account for you. Take a picture of your official scorecard and text it to me for official verification. Please, don’t leave money in the sign up box. We can have a good clean skins game if everyone does their part to keep this a fun week of golf.

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    David Baker

    Very interesting concept. It does require assistance from the golfers to make it work. What is your idea for golfers who don’t sign up for the week but want to join on Tues or Wed? Your job is difficult enough without trying to track down golfers for money.

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