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    Chandler Wells

    Based on this bulletin board, it seems there is some confusion as to who is/will run the skins game for Flights 5 & 6.
    I am making an attempt to run with the Skins Game as a combined Flight 5 & 6 contest. If the same guy that ran it for these flights is there (sorry, don’t remember his name!) I will gladly add to and/or help him get everyone interested entered and help collect. With things being a bit different this year, it will take everyone that is interested in participating to make it roll smooth. I am driving down from PA and not arriving until Sunday evening, so the less headache the better. I will offer 2 ways to pay. Cash on practice green or PayPal, and will pay out according. NO I don’t have or want Venmo. I will take all entries up until 7:45, at which time I will be headed for the 1st Tee and playing golf!

    Here is what I will run with…
    *Flights 5 & 6 to be combined, all 4 days.
    *Monday I have the 8 a.m. tee slot on Hole 1.
    *If you wish to play, find me prior to 7:45 and pay $100 for the 4-days…Mon-Wed $20ea, Thur $40
    *If you know you want in, say so now and find me early Monday or PayPal me now. If by chance the other guy is there, I will make sure he gets your PayPal.
    *No partial payments, No daily payments, No IOU’s. No Pay-No Play!!! No exceptions!!!
    *If you do not hand me $100, or I do not receive $100 via PayPal, by the time you play your 1st shot you ARE NOT IN!!!
    *I MUST SEE THE CARD or a Picture of WORLD AM SCORECARD, signed by scoring player FOR VALIDATION!!!
    *Birdie or Better to qualify, No PARS, don’t ask.
    *All validated SKINS will be divided up equally from that day’s $$$.
    *If all birdies/better are slashed, that day $$$ will carry over to next day, and so on all days
    *Thursday…If no birdie or better is a skin…
    Tie-Breaker #1-We will split Thursday pot between all Thursday EAGLES (if any).
    Tie-Breaker #2-We will go to BIRDIES on Par 3’s & split $$$ for Thursday between Par 3 birdies.
    Tie-Breaker #3-We will go to BIRDIES on Par 4’s & split $$$ for Thursday between Par 4 birdies.
    Tie-Breaker #4-We will go to BIRDIES on Par 5’s & split $$$ for Thursday between Par 5 birdies.
    Tie-Breaker #5-We will random draw 5 names and split Thursday $$$ evenly between those 5. (Lord
    help us all if there are NO SKINS Thursday?!) LMAO

    I am not sure how many people read this board, but this will be my 4th year, and my 1st time viewing it? Could need a lot of spreading the word? And I do not know how to use the App other than scoring page. LOL…I am attaching my cell phone # for any TEXT QUESTIONS. It would also be nice if a couple of guys are willing to help with the daily end process so I am not there all night myself? I am sure there are a couple more talking points, but let’s face it. Most of us have played a SKINS game before. Open to suggestions, and I can update in this thread…Thanks!

    Chandler Wells…717-810-7401
    PayPal email cchanimal@gmail.com (may show as SKMW eBay Deals?)

    Brian Schultz

    I’m In … Ill see you Monday morning!! Thanks for stepping up! I owe you a beer!!

    Rob La Grassa

    In…money sent….

    Michael Lawson

    I’m in. Thanks for stepping up.

    Chandler Wells

    Got both your emails LaGrassa and Lawson. See you Monday

    Earl Spaulding

    I’m in and will see you in the morning before you tee off.

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