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    Ed Guertin

    First, I am so glad to see over 3500 folks entered this year! Now on to business…

    I have been getting a lot of e-mails on Rangefinders and distance gadgets. What I find is the “New Wave” of these items have a built in Slope adjustment for yardage… There are so many out there.

    My question here is, “How many folks will be using these high tech items during the World Am?” I’ve have certainly been around long enough to realize the “canned answer” is “they can’t, it’s not allowed”…

    One in particular that kind of frosted my backside, from Voice Caddy Golf, it said the VC 400 model, just over $100 automatically adjusts for slope? I didn’t read all the details to see if that feature can be turned off for competition or not but it really brings to mind, “Will they get caught?”…

    Enjoy folks, we are going to have a great tourney one way or the other…

    Bob Newman

    You can not stop a cheater from cheating. You can not embarrass them. Just like a thrift. It is a game of HONOR for the majority of us. That is the reason I do not play in the skins games. To many inflated handicaps in the WA. BUT IT IS MY OPINION that some just play to win at all cost. The WA HAS done a marvelous job of handling the majority of the less than honest.

    Mike Sigmon

    Well Bob I do like the skin games you never know what might come when you are playing at the world am I’ve had a 2 on a par 4 and ace’s a par 3 so you can’t win if you are not in lol…The 2 got all the skins that day it was the only one out that was a good payday it came on a Friday game at True Blue..And I don’t really think about the inflated handicaps in my flight my handicap the last couple of years has been 3.2 to 3.5 it’s those 7 to 15 that always seems to win it all you have to look out for a few of those for sure some are not even close to being correct I agree with you on that !!!

    Jeffrey Topp

    Get one without slope. If you’re good enough that calculating slope matters (more than visual estimate), then you’re probably playing competitions that outlaw slope (like gross division tournaments, not just WA). Trust me, it won’t matter to a 10 handicapper.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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