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    Jason Moore

    Each day the Starters provided a rule sheet from the World Am.

    • Front 9 Starters – Ball will be played down, OB Stroke & Distance. Bunkers played down on some courses and lift clean & sweep at others

    • Back 9 Starters – Lift, Clean and place within 1 club length anywhere on some courses and fairway only on other courses. Bunkers lift clean & place

    • Caledonia based on the rule sheet ball was to be played down 100% of the time. Get to the 1st & 10th tee screen pops up and says local rule lift clean & place in all sandy areas. Gentleman in my group was in a tractor rut in the bunker and based on the head pro wasn’t entitled to a free drop because we played it down at Caledonia it’s a “PGA TOUR RULE”

    Jeffrey Topp

    As we had discussed, Front 9 starter on MBN had a rules sheet that said lift clean and place in your own fairway. I read it myself. In bold print no less.

    I know they are different flights but I’m not sure why they would play different rules on the same course.

    I suggested that they consider the entire tournament play by one set of rules, regardless of course. Play it up or down, I don’t care. And bring the rakes back. They won’t stop Covid!

    Tony McAlistet

    No…the rakes can’t stop COVID…but they can start it!!!

    Bob Newman

    Starter s at some courses had no idea that the the time on sheet was the earliest you could start, called us to the tee while on the practice putting green 30 minutes before starting time, and started us a full 10 minutes ahead. I got to hit 2 practice putts.

    Ed Guertin

    I had a comical one this year for lift, clean and place.
    We got briefed on the tee box by the starter and Lift, Clean and Place was in play for the day.
    After the briefing I asked if it was a scorecard or a club length because in prior World AM’s I was told a scorecard only or a club length.
    The Starter read it again from the sheet and chuckled and the said “You can do what the rule says”…

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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