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    Glenn Foster

    Hello W.A. Committee,
    Are the tee times going to be the same for your flight each day or, will that change daily?
    It seems to me having each contestant having the same tee times each day would simplify the process. I can also see where if folks have the latest/earliest time everyday they wouldn’t like it, or thunderstorms could get the same players in the afternoons.
    Just haven’t heard if there was going to be a pattern, for the tee time courses, that each player would know they had 9:20, or 11:15… each day for their flights?
    Glenn Foster


    They’ll change daily in a random fashion. I want to reiterate 50 of 53 host courses will be from 8:00-9:39am. So not a ton of fluctuation.

    Bill Hambrick

    Glenn think about it, if you have the same tee time every day so would everyone else and you would be playing with the same two people every day. They have to be rotated so the groups can change.

    Glenn Foster

    True Bill. I thought that might would be the protocol to help “trace” anyone that would exhibit symptoms, and help the committee with groupings? I agree, I don’t think that playing with the same group for 4 days would be the philosophy, but since they are going back & fronts with groups starting…
    Oh. btw, it was just a thought on if they were considering it as an option for knowing who was in contact with whom in case something were to flare up in these times of accountability, even though we will be signing wavers to play. Each state seems to have so many variations on groups together, numbers that are considered “to many”. Here in N.C., we are questioned on being in South Carolina to enter Dr. offices. If so, it must be over 10 days, no symptoms, before you can be seen, well it was at my Dr. office anyway the week after July 4th.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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