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    Tommy Briggs

    Another year and another exceptional job.

    There will always be the random bitching about the courses, the skins game, the handicap system, the wrong brand of FREE beer, and the list of bitching can go on and on. But for other 3,210 players it was a wonderful and memorable experience.

    I had the opportunity to play two rounds with my flight winner who was playing in his first WA event. After it looked like we might have a complete washout two weeks prior to the first round only to end up with four perfect days of weather.

    Scott you and the entire World Am staff deserve a huge thanks and sincere appreciation for a job well done. See you next year.

    Dennis Daley

    I second what Tommy wrote. My flight was fortunate to play four great courses finishing with my favorite, Caledonia.
    This was the 5th year(with exception of last year) that I took care of the skins for our flights and found that the capability of double checking each individuals hole-by-hole score on your App was very helpful and validated skins. When you are handing out over $1000 for a skin the first day its reassuring to have a way to double check scores. I was unable to see the hole-by-hole scores for our sister flight and had to get someone from that flight to log on in order to check. Would it be possible to have that capability next year? Thanks.

    Rick Kimbrell

    GREAT JOB done by everyone involved in putting this tournament on. Well run, well organized. It has been a long time (in my 32 years of playing) since we had weather this good for the entire week. So, take credit for that also. 🙂 The improvement in the adult beverage selection at the CC was well appreciated.
    Thanks again y’all

    Glenn Foster

    World Am Staff; Another great, tough job as usual. I was in flight 33 this year and our courses were superb. From Thistle, Indian Wells, Arcadian Shores to Glen Dornoch we had great courses & conditions. Every course staff was courteous and they acted like they wanted us to experience their course.
    Again thanks to you, them and every volunteer at the Convention Center!!!
    Glenn Foster


    Thank you all! We appreciate your support of the event and the Myrtle Beach Golf Community. I know they don’t talk much on here but Ryan, Chad, and summer Intern Rob work their butts off to make sure the event goes off without a hitch and we hope it shows!!

    Landis Courington

    I want to thank the World Am Staff for another great Tournament.

    2019 was my 6th straight World Am and, again, I thoroughly enjoyed all of it. The 4 courses I played were in excellent condition and were fun to play. My GHIN was 19.1 and I played as a 20 each day, I utilized the max 9 rule on 1 occasion during the 72 holes I played. In my 4 rounds I think the max 9 rule was used 5 times so it did not effect our speed of play. The speed of play at my age (77) is effected more by 400 yd par 4’s and 500 yard par 5’s. I will be back next year and hopefully we will have great weather like this year.

    William Zeoli

    May I add my thanks to the staff and to the volunteers. In my four days in the over 70/18 hcp flight, I only saw the 9 rule used 4 times (although my very first hole of the tournament was a tap in 9). All other 9’s I saw were legit and I don’t think the four :pick up 9’s) affected the flight in any meaningful way. Year five for me and my biggest Mother Hen job yet, with 11 guys under my wings. Again, the best golf experience of my 50 Plus years of playing. Much appreciated.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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