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    Bill McArdle

    Rivers Edge would be my pick


    I don’t really care even if they are all C grade courses as long as I have not played them before. The list of unplayed courses of the top of my head would include Crow Creek, Meadow Lands, Oyster Bay, Arcadia Shores, Carolina National, Indian Wells just to name a few

    Les Robison

    Barefoot Dye

    Bill Hambrick

    The only one I really want is. The Dye Club on Friday.

    Alex Grebel

    Harry, speaking of wanting courses you never played before… I once drew (in 2015) the exact same four courses that I drew in a previous year (2011). When I mentioned here on the bulletin board they actually went and looked it up with disbelief. It was a total coincidence that they stacked the same four courses together and that I wound up in both flights.

    PS – they were TPC, Arrowhead, Carolina National and Possum Trot. So can’t ever get that lineup again with Possum Trot now closed. Whew!

    Mike Cheeseman

    I don’t believe Oyster Bay is in the rotation this year. It is not listed on the website course list.

    Ricky Herman

    River Edge very nice course. The year the gross seniors played it we had storm come thru and we were on the porch and Lighting blow up the 100 yard maker on the hole next to club house. Bill keep your head down during your swing.


    I remember that Ricky. I was playing with John Wolf and we were just walking off the final hole when all the hairs on the back on my neck stood up them BOOOOM! turned the 100 yard maker in the middle of the fairway into tooth picks

    That is an awesome golf course and a bucket list to play …. BUT ….. it is not one that should be in the high handicappers rotation as it s too tight and tough to make it enjoyable for them. My good buddy Jumbo Lanyard played there a few years back in the final flight of the 60-70’s and stated that 90% of the rounds were over 100 and took nearly 6 hours to play

    Bobby Thomas

    Speaking of River’s Edge and High Handicappers (That would be me) we did draw that course in 2018 and only I could have a 5 hole stretch (8 through 12) that included 3 birdies but played it at 4 over par!!! The life of a high handicapper. Didn’t help that we had a 20-30 mph wind blowing right to left on the approach to the 18th green!!!

    Raymond Lemoine

    Indian Wells is probably underwater with all the rain in SC. It is very wet in a dry stretch of weather. I also love Rivers Edge but would love Glen Dornoch or Caledonia.

    Bill Hambrick

    Raymond, you don’t have to worry about getting Indian Wells as it has been closed about a year or year and a half ago.

    Kirk Roberts

    Of course I would like Caledonia. I would also like the Norman course at Barefoot. That is the only one I haven’t played there. Then maybe something up north. Thistle would be nice i hear.

    Jim Paxton

    We actually played Indian Wells in last year’s tournament. Had my best round of the tournament there.

    James Bohlman

    Rivers Edge is a great….tough course. Probably a bucket list for the area. I think the only one tougher there is Debourdieu club…..that can be sadistic! put a bunch of higher HDCP’s and they wont break 120.
    I have seen low single digits shoot in the 90’s there on the right day.

    James Bohlman

    Indian Wells closed last December – all Weeds and overgrown.

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