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    You will need to register for a new account. A system generated password will be sent to you via email. Then start posting!

    Mike Apfel

    any chance of adding a feature where we can generate our own password?

    Bob Newman

    I tried to edit my profile to change the password to something I can remember but it will not allow to access???? how do we change our password??

    Steven Daniels

    Bob, perhaps I just got lucky yesterday. I requested a new password from the login page (lost or forgot old PW), logged in with the email supplied PW, then the system asked me to change the PW.

    Bob Newman

    Steve, I cannot remember the last time I got lucky. LOL. but I did get some help and I will be posting away.

    Tommy Briggs

    I read this post and did the same thing

    Try to log in and select the I forgot my password option

    The system will send you a link which takes you to a screen where you can select your own password

    Danny Fox

    I’ve been looking around on the site for the player search. Anyone been able to locate it?

    Mike Apfel

    good question… is there a link to do a player search to see past participants?

    Bob Newman

    Jeff M– I know you have posted this and I have looked and cannot find it—I know early entry is now open and the end of it is May 15 but was it not a separate timeline to early entry and get into the “drawings for early entry”– 2nd question– if I early entry and wuld happen to win a prize and then drop out of WA would I have to return the prize—-game is really terrible now (hard to break 90) and if I can not compete at 7.7 I will pull a Tiger.

    Paul Fortier


    Any news about the Taylor Made golf balls for the international participants?



    Charles Tolbert

    There is. Go to FAQ, then look for link about past scores. From there you can see current participants and the results from many years prior.

    Dave KOHLER

    Anyone else having problems not being able to access the app on the cell phones ?

    Don Yelton

    A “Return” key would b nice.

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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