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    Brian MacFawn

    First, thank you Scott and staff for another great tournament!…especially for the Hertz discount that saved me more than my entry fee.

    For reference, my condo is about 5 blocks from the convention center.

    First comment: Flight #53 drew Oyster Bay (30 miles), Meadowlands (26 miles), Prestwick (7 miles yeah!), and Founders (29 miles). Way too spread out and way too far especially with a 7:45an TT. Don’t mind one or two but three out of four is too much, especially with many closer-in courses.

    Second comment: Oyster Bay was supposed to be set up at 5576 yards. We may have been playing the correct color of tees but I believe the course moved them back. I talked to at least 10-12 fellow players who could not reach 4 or 5 of the par 4’s in two shots and some of them could hit the ball much further than I.

    Last: Founders was in pretty bad shape, although I have seen much worse used in the WA. On my first hole (#10) the green had so many large weed clumps it was not puttable…way to many to remove. Also, the edges of the cups were so rough it appeared they had mot been changed in days.

    These are not to be taken as complaints, just some input for next year’s planning.

    As always, I enjoyed playing in the WA and look forward to next year! Made lots if new friends and hope to play with them again next year!

    Bernie Loehr

    Those of us who played in Flight 51 at Oyster Bay played a much longer course than 5500 yards. One of the players who used his GPS said it was probably close to 6200

    Denny Burch

    I played OB in flight 50 the same day as Bernie. It was definitely longer than 5575, but bear in mind that Oyster Bay is a par 70 course. So, if it were the same total yardage as a par 72 course the Oyster Bay holes would play longer in relation to par than on the par 72 course. I think OB moves their white tees back regularly because there is a big gap between the white and blue tees (on the scorecard).

    I don’t know which handicap service you guys use, but I was looking at my stat page on GHIN and saw that the PCC adjustment added a whopping 3 strokes to the regular white tee course rating that day. That adjustment can be added or subtracted depending on weather or other abnormal course conditions. Given that it was a warm and mostly calm day it wasn’t a Weather adjustment, so it had to be increased course difficulty, which was likely an increase in yardage. It wasn’t 6200 yards for us though. Flight 53 played a different day than us, so their setup could have been different, but you could check your handicap service to see whether the course rating that day was adjusted via PCC.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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